‘We don’t know what the policy is yet.’

Victorian dairy farmer Daryl has been following the Australian New Color Zero plan and waiting for details, but he is sad. Highlights: Regional Australians want more details on the government net zero plan Coal communities are concerned about what it means for work Some farmers, however, say their businesses have been hurt because it took … Read more

Is the new farm visa all cracked? The judge is still out

Woman working on a strawberry farm

It can take up to 15 minutes for a butcher to make a steak. For Australia’s largest livestock companies, that means one worker for each processed animal. In other words, it requires human effort. Although many Australians like to eat meat, there seems to be no shortage of Australians who enjoy it, and it has … Read more

Horticultural sustainability framework positive action in the right direction

The National Council of Farmers and Fruits Council welcomed the release of the Horticultural Sustainability Framework, calling it “a practical step forward for the industry.” The framework was launched today by the Industrial Research and Development Corporation’s Hort Innovation, which highlights areas of interest such as food waste restriction, improved water and energy efficiency, improving … Read more