Want the outdoors? Take teacher naturalist training from the University of Illinois

MARION – The University of Illinois Extension program is seeking adults who enjoy spending time outdoors and are interested in volunteer training for an Illinois Master Naturalist. Horticulture instructor Kim Rohling said the course teaches adults about nature and how to be good stewards. It includes classroom and field training. Illinois Extension will host hybrid … Read more

Department of Horticulture Science Skuast-K kicked off a high-quality workshop on “Vermi-Composting Technology – Working with nature supported by SERB, DST India.

Srinagar January 07 (KNS): Department of Horticulture Science SKUAST-K kicked off high end workshop “Vermi-composting Technology – Working with Nature, Sponsored by Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, India. Under this programme. Karishala scheme from all over India It is an effort to improve the research productivity, knowledge and skills of … Read more

Cofarm celebrated its third year on World Food Day.

World Food Day coincided with Cofarm’s third anniversary on Sunday, and Urban Farm celebrated collective production in style. World Food Day at CoFarm. Picture: Keith Heppel From mid-afternoon until the early hours of the morning, visitors and some hundreds of volunteers toured the site and enjoyed a community feast that made the farm off Barnwell … Read more

The Wisconsin DNR suggests tackling fall projects differently this year

Madison, Wis. (WMTV) – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is proposing to tackle your fall projects a little differently this year. Whether it’s cleaning gutters, watering garden hoses or raking leaves, the DNR says doing some household chores differently can be beneficial to creatures in nature. The DNR suggests following these tips for your … Read more

‘Plants have a beautiful capacity to capture memories’: How nature can help dementia patients awaken their minds

Michael and Bronwyn Shirley, elderly couple

Nature-based therapies engage and stimulate the minds of older Australians with dementia at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. Some of the 12 participants lost short-term memory — or were beginning to lose it. Others may be easily confused, distracted, or struggle to form sentences. Over the course of eight weeks, participants immerse themselves in … Read more

Enjoy free guided nature walks at the Matthias Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor this fall

Ann Arbor – As the weather begins to change, it’s still a beautiful time of year to get outside and soak up the natural scenery around you. Matti Botanical Gardens is hosting twice-weekly guided nature walks on select Wednesdays and Sundays this fall. The free walk lasts one hour and no registration is required. He … Read more

How does a vegetarian diet help the environment? | Fairplanet

Rapid industrial growth over the past 70 years, as well as rapid population growth and the rise of the global middle class, have increased global emissions due to human activity. Global carbon emissions from food production are estimated at 25 percent to 34 percent of the global total. Of these emissions, meat is the biggest … Read more

Spinning spiders (for the first time) at the South Coast Botanical Garden

What to know Palos Verdes Peninsula From October 1 to November 30, 2022 $22 (admission to both garden and spider tent); Other ticket levels are available. Spiders and leafy places are two very, very, very old. So old, in fact, that we’re sure there aren’t enough “too” in the world to describe their lasting relationship. … Read more

Plants and nature can improve your mental health

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Giger is not alone. Studies have shown that during the pandemic there was a huge increase in the purchase of indoor plants and that having plants around or getting green outdoors improved the mental health of individuals. A recent survey of 353 students conducted over two semesters in 2020 found that most students experienced “severe … Read more

Leave your fall garden alone.

Photo: Simon Annable (Shutterstock) There is a lot of information out there – including on this site– list Garden work to be done in a month, or some time ago. And while there are always things you can do to make your life easier in the future, some gardeners say that cleaning up before winter … Read more