International Zeolite: IZC, NC Sign MOU Developing ‘Magic Partnership’ To Address Food Security | Market display

IZC, NC signed an MOU establishing a ‘magical partnership’ to address food security Building on multiple projects and years of working together, International Zeolite Corporation (IZ) and Niagara College’s Horticulture and Environmental Sciences Innovation Center (HESIC) have announced a formal agreement that takes the research relationship to new heights. Along the way, they plan to … Read more

Growing inoculated plants at the Tri-Histil Greenhouse, Mills River, NC

Photo by Tom Baszler A grafted watermelon transplant is ready to ship. Penn State Extension horticulture educators and specialists bring deep knowledge and experience to the job. But like any field of labor, there are developments in horticultural science, marketing and trends. Staying active requires lifelong learning through courses, conferences, and reading scientific and trade … Read more

Where all roses smell sweet: Central Park’s Shakespeare Garden

Photo: Cat Reynolds Between Belvedere Castle and West 79th Street, you’ll find Central Park’s Shakespeare Garden. The charming four-acre green space transports visitors from the hustle and bustle of New York City to the quiet of the 17th century English countryside. The garden, named after the Bard himself, is full of plants and flowers mentioned … Read more