NJ Bill creates database for testing in schools, child care

At the New Jersey Database, parents have the option of reviewing their children’s school district’s mandatory lead test in drinking water and seeing the results in advance. The bill, introduced by the Conference Committee, aims to increase transparency by providing parents with access to results in private schools and day care centers. “The impact of … Read more

The owner of the house, a brick-and-mortar brick fire, destroyed 2 houses

In the Brick Bay harbor area, a garden tool that destroyed two houses near Kettle Creek was set on fire. On the afternoon of September 28, a fire on the Bay Area spread to the upper floor of a neighboring house with winds blowing about 25 miles southwest. The homeowner used a hand-held torch to … Read more

As the school epidemic worsens, NJ will launch a new level of covandation

The state has passed a new phase of coviral epidemics in New Jersey – 1 million positive tests. According to the state COVID dashboard, more than one million New Jersey residents have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus since the outbreak began. The state reported 37 more deaths as a result of CVD, bringing the … Read more

Young NJ Children Affected by Youth Outbreaks – Forgotten?

New Jersey has changed forever with the epidemic, and many programs and services have been created to help people in different ways, but are we paying enough attention to our small population? I don’t think he is one of the leading pediatricians in the state. According to New Jersey Child Advocacy Chief Cell Zalkend, the … Read more

An NJ college student who died in the dormitory of Seton Hall has been identified

Seton Hall identified the student who died in a medical emergency at Newman Hall on Monday from Charlotte, North Carolina High School. Christopher McCartney was a high school student at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations and a member of Alpha Omron P. The cause of death was not disclosed. “We truly thank all … Read more

NJ firefighters told flood victims to leave and stick to trees, the report said

ELIZABETH – Some residents of the town reported that the first responders were in a boat during a massive flood from Ida, according to a report. According to NJ.com, 23-year-old Karima Tucker, a pregnant mother of two, was among four residents living in Oakwood Plaza apartments on Irvington Street near Elizabeth River in September. 1. … Read more

Most eat when the AJJ chooses to start legal marijuana slowly

Trenton: Early or sooner or later, when recreational marijuana sales begin in New Jersey, distribution shelves do not include certain products that have proven popular in other state-controlled cannabis markets. Brownies are out, cookies are out, gums are out – even though lozenges are in. However, in contrast to the industry’s frustration with the state’s … Read more

They are all out of the pool! Haul, NJ, prohibits private pool rentals

Howell is the last city on the outskirts of Jersey to curb misconduct by blocking short-term leases. The ban also applies to residents who want to rent their courtyards, boats and swimming pools. There have been numerous reports that these short-term rentals have been misrepresented by wild parties into drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Residents of … Read more