A dry August is taking its toll on Queens’ community gardens.

A community garden in Queens is struggling to keep their crop going after the driest August since 1994. (NY1 Photo/Clodagh McGowan)

Sonia Ferraro has been gardening her whole life. But she says there is a noticeable difference this year in the fall. “It’s different from other gardens. This year, it was like crying because we drank water and it wasn’t enough,” said Ferraro, founder of Garden Community Gardens in Queens. More than a dozen vegetables and … Read more

1 year after IDA, New York City to build 2,000 new rain gardens, install flood sensors around city

new york — A year ago, remnants of Hurricane Ida devastated parts of the Tri-State area and killed more than a dozen people in New York City. On Thursday, Mayor Eric Adams and local officials offered a moment of silence for the 13 people who died in the storm and plans to make the city … Read more

Organizing summer concerts at Forrest Hills

As staff at Forrest Hills Stadium prepare for their next 2022 season concert, something is behind the scenes. Peppers are used to make hot soup. “They should get two or three of these plants, in August, probably in early September and then in late September,” said John Croati, co-founder of Small Ax Peppers. What you … Read more

Adams unveiled a roof garden in his new office building in Staten Island

Mayor Eric Adams and urban farming organization Brooklyn Grange’s co-founder Anastasia Plakias

Tomatoes, tarragon, and rhubarb are just some of the organic fruits and vegetables grown on the green roof of a new office building in Staten Island. During Earth Week, Mayor Eric Adams’ ribbon – and some tarragon – on this fruit and vegetable garden – is part of a larger strategy to make better use … Read more

The New York Plant Garden Orchid Show blossomed again

Bronx, New York – In the Bronx, the New York Vegetable Garden is getting everything orchids. What you need to know The NYBG Orchid Show features thousands of orchids out of hundreds of species The show is set to resume this year after being plagued by epidemics for the past two years Famous floral designer … Read more

Harlem’s upbringing in urban gardening changed the lives of children

NEW YORK (Reuters) – “Will the kids hide snacks?” “Ehh, they should not hide it. When we pack it, we lose about 10% of it,” said Hillary proudly. That’s the healthiest snack for Harlem Grown kids, producing and distributing ,000 6,000’s free produce from 12 city parks here in Harlem. “We set up farm parks, … Read more

There are fears that changes to the Red Cross law could jeopardize operations.

Colomba Ohare Published’s publication – January 25, 2022 Write a comment Salvage Gulene Council member Oonag Magenis expressed concern that changes to the red oil rights could hurt trade-offs further and jeopardize jobs. The new law will take effect in April 2022. Cllr Magennis explains: “Change of rights does not reduce emissions, it increases revenue … Read more

Poor neighborhoods are warmer than the rich – especially in hot weather

Poor neighborhoods are hotter than the rich. That was the first breakthrough in designing the tropical islands of New York City as part of a national project. Scientists knew that urban areas generate heat, but so far they have not been able to map them on the road. On a hot summer day in New … Read more

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post


Joseph Rivers is worried about the future of his favorite settlement as he watches the plants on Elizabeth Street Garden. The garden is owned by the city and the city wants to use the space as an affordable home for the elderly. For years, the gardener had tried to argue with a nonprofit. A.D. He … Read more

Lottery funding for local groups

The National Lottery Community Fund has announced funding for groups in New York, Morene and Downtown to improve health and safety and reconnect with their communities. Newer-funded teams include: Brain Injury Foundation, the Great Lincoln Area Community Association, the New Shrimrox Gelic Athletic Club and the Three Ways Community Association. Brain Injury Foundation The Brain … Read more