Samoa PM wants to ‘improve the quality’ of the RSE program

The Prime Minister of Samoa has confirmed that his government is looking into ending the vacancy in the RSE. Samoa Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Matafa addresses leaders of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry in Hawke Bay today. Photo die RNZ / Angus Dreaver In a speech to horticultural industry leaders in Hawke Bay on Thursday, … Read more

Savin was named Assistant Director of the Arkansas Agricultural Experimental Station

As Assistant Director of the Arkansas Agricultural Experimental Station, Mary Savin expands collaborative efforts to promote food and agricultural research initiatives nationally and nationally. To further the mission of the Arkansas University Agricultural System Department of Agricultural Research, a professor of microbiology ecology and soil biology has joined the management of a leisure capacity testing … Read more

This neoclassical NYC garden will be open to the public for the first time.

New York residents will soon be able to set foot on the library grounds of the 1900s, which has never been open to the public. On Saturday, June 18, the recently renovated JJ by the Morgan Library and Museum. In front of Pierre Mont Morgan Library and the new Morgan Garden. The project, which focuses … Read more

Demand for places was growing when the Northwood community garden outbreak occurred

There is nothing wrong with saying that Mike Haasl has a green thumb. “I have a garden at home,” said Hasl. Haasl has everything you can imagine in his plot. “Beans, pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, mashed cherries, onions, beans, carrots, lettuce and 12 other things I can no longer remember,” says Hassan. For Haasal, gardening is … Read more

Market Continental Continental Independent robot business continues to grow on the farm | Market show

press release June 14, 2022 Market Continental Continental Independent mobile robot business continues to grow in the agricultural product line Establishing new partnership with Octava Boring and repetitive work in greenhouses will be a thing of the past. Frankfurt, Germany, June 14, 2022 At LogiMAT 2022, the International … Read more

Explore the Horizons of Mount Adams during a gardening trip at sunset

Click to enlarge Photo photo presented by Mountain Adams Civic Association When the sun goes down on Mount Adams, the garden will have seven gardens. During the June 14 hiking tour, the private gardens of Cincinnati’s ancient suburbs are fully visible. Mount Adams’ Sunset Garden Stroll invites participants to a self-guided venue to explore the … Read more

The resident hopes that the concept of community gardening will flourish

Marion – Barbie Burr has a goal that she hopes will bear fruit: A vegetable garden is available to everyone in the city. She is part of a team that hopes to create an organic community garden in Marion. Sitting in her own garden, filled with frogs, ponds, and comfortable seating, she spoke of the … Read more

Boris Johnson has faced opposition to plans to extend free school meals to 1.1 million children.

Henry Dimbleby, an independent government consultant, led a comprehensive review of the country's diet and called for an extension of school meals in the face of rising cost of living.

As Boris Johnson prepares to unveil his diet, he faces opposition from his family’s plans to extend free school meals to 1.1 million children on international credit. Henry Dimbleby, an independent consultant who led the nationwide food review, called on the government to provide free school meals to all families. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said … Read more

Organizing summer concerts at Forrest Hills

As staff at Forrest Hills Stadium prepare for their next 2022 season concert, something is behind the scenes. Peppers are used to make hot soup. “They should get two or three of these plants, in August, probably in early September and then in late September,” said John Croati, co-founder of Small Ax Peppers. What you … Read more