Vegetable Garden is set to release 10,000 pairs on Friday.

Some bugs play an important role in the garden and provide plenty of ladybugs to keep the plants healthy. Think Ability Community Garden will release 10,000 ladybugs on Friday, June 10 at 6-8 p.m. Gardener Sheila Decarlo says this is the third year that the beetle has been released and it is always exciting. “Ladybugs … Read more

Enjoy a variety of spring flowers at the bridal garden

We had a beautiful, glorious fountain. Last autumn or maybe decades ago bulbs were planted, flowering shrubs and trees were covered with flowers, it was raining a lot, especially this early spring. We live in a beautiful part of the country with a friendly landscape, except for the eight months of summer that are so … Read more

Insect control with houseplants

A question many home gardeners might ask themselves is: Do I need to spray my crops to control pests? In some years, pests appear to have sprung up and ruined crops. Particularly in the face of rising commodity prices, many gardeners are looking to their markets to compensate for the high cost of fresh produce. … Read more

Grow Pest- Managing Vegetable Pests With Biopsicides

When it comes to controlling pests in the garden, gardeners may ask themselves whether natural or organic pesticides should use artificial insecticides. Biopsides are derived from natural materials, such as animals, plants, bacteria, and some minerals, and are used to control pests in the garden. These creatures can carry the real living organisms or toxins … Read more

An unwanted hitchhiker pest has been found in Tauranga

Falling Armyworm caterpillar larvae. Photo / Getty Images An unwanted “hacker” pest has been found in Tauranga, endangering crops and other garden plants. BioSecurity New Zealand is working with partners in the primary sector and TTT after the discovery of a certified egg moth. Moths are found all over the world, in the United States, … Read more

Not all insects in the garden are endangered

Steel Water – When gardeners see insects in their garden, they fear that these multi-legged creatures will chew and leave their path in the landscape and on the road to destruction. There are some insects that can cause this kind of damage in the garden – aphids, cut worms and caterpillars – many insects are … Read more

Fresh pests in the backyard of Virginia.

STUART SUTPHIN Contributing column There is a new insect pest for Virginia. As far as I know, it is not found in the Danville area, but there are conditions for it to thrive here. This pest can be a real concern for residents and can be a serious problem for fruit trees, vines and many … Read more


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Install “traps” systems throughout your growing area to keep pests out of your hard drive. By AdobeStock / Yevhenii My Kentucky Garden has stinking bugs, leaf-bugs, and lice. These insects have been found in the backyards of anthrologist Ayanava Majumdar in India, North Dakota and Alabama and they can be found in your garden wherever … Read more

Extending the season, improving food security

West Lafayette – Small-scale farmers in the United States use large caves to extend their production. However, as community farms grow to fill urban and rural food deserts, researchers are realizing that there is a gap in understanding whether pest infestations are present in the city or in the country. Laura Ingwell, an assistant professor … Read more

USDA Plant Protection Program Deputy Administrator resigns

Deputy Director of Plant Protection and Quarantine Program of the US Department of Agriculture resigns. Ken Hammond Osama El-Lisi said in a mixed voice that he was stepping down, adding that the PPQ had great respect, humility and admiration for fulfilling its mission to prevent the entry, resistance and spread of significant pests in the … Read more