Gardening, landscaping learning opportunities

We may not be able to do yard and garden work right now, but we can use it to attend private lessons, ask questions, share and hear about extension resources to improve landscapes and solve plant problems. Nebraska Extension’s mission is to extend science-based information to help Nebraskans. For horticulture, one goal is to help … Read more

Professional gardeners share tips for planting butterfly gardens

Olivia Blanchard has seen fewer and fewer butterflies in Victoria in recent years. Blanchard’s Crossroads native botanist butterflies have been eliminated by insecticides, farmland, commercial development and new residential communities, which prioritize grasses. “There’s a fine line here because we need gardens and houses for our lives,” Blanchard said. A garden full of native plants, … Read more

Garden Column: Seed catalogs help even experienced gardeners

If you’ve been in the gardening game for a while, you may still benefit from reviewing seed catalogs. We can learn about new plant species that are available now. You’ve learned your garden, what works there and what you like, but don’t make the same choices every year. Let’s not waste all that limitless catalog … Read more

Milk for monarch butterfly gardens

It’s time for garden planning. If you’re planning a flower garden to attract monarch butterflies, I’m re-sharing this interesting research from the University of Kentucky about milkweed placement in gardens. Research by Adam Baker and Daniel Potter shows that monarchs are more likely to lay eggs on milkweed planted outside the main flower garden, where … Read more

OSU unveils Butterfly Pocket Prairie in Stillwater

On the flight path to Stillwater Regional Airport, arriving passengers will take in the shape of a giant butterfly at the corner of McElroy Road and West Road. With a 122-foot wingspan and 4,000 square feet of native grasses on all four wings, Oklahoma State University’s new Butterfly Pocket Field is the perfect partnership of … Read more

Yard and garden: care for flowering plants

AMES – Colorful flowering plants can be found in garden centers and flower shops in winter. When purchased in full bloom, they will only sit for a few weeks while their display is at its best. These flower pots can serve as long-lasting flower arrangements and make great gifts. In this article, Iowa State University … Read more

Volunteers needed for community garden in Keyser.

KEYSER, W.Va. – There’s a community garden out there waiting to be planted. The first harvest was last year and overseers are digging volunteers in anticipation of the 2023 harvest season. Located at the Potomac State College Farm, at the west end of Parkview Drive at Keyser and built by PSC staff, the community garden … Read more

Garden Column: Using Seed Catalogs (copy)

If you’re interested in gardening, you’re starting to receive seed catalogs whose colors will light up any mailbox. When our climate is so cold and our landscape so bleak, new varieties, new colors, big tomatoes… are so appealing. We want to order, but before catalog fever takes over, let’s take a breather and implement some … Read more

Holly and laurels and winter damage

Holly and cherry laurel are common landscape plants that add a little winter interest to the garden. Broadleaf evergreens such as magnolias, boxwoods, and rhododendrons are referred to as evergreens. In Pulaski County and the state, the question of the month is why have all the leaves fallen from the holly/laurel? Those two plants in … Read more

New winning flower and vegetable varieties

It’s never too early to start planning new additions to gardens and containers this year. Start compiling your list now so you’ll be ready to order your seeds or pre-purchase plants when the selection is so large. Consider including a few All-America Selection (AAS) winners. These plants are “nationally tested and certified local” for their … Read more