Volunteers needed for community garden in Keyser.

KEYSER, W.Va. – There’s a community garden out there waiting to be planted. The first harvest was last year and overseers are digging volunteers in anticipation of the 2023 harvest season. Located at the Potomac State College Farm, at the west end of Parkview Drive at Keyser and built by PSC staff, the community garden … Read more

Skip Richter’s Column: A Gardener’s Guide to a Green Thumb by 2023

Skip Richter Have you been thinking about starting a garden but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Maybe you’ve tried gardening before and feel like you’re not a wannabe gardener. Maybe you’ve decided you don’t have a green thumb. Gardening is a fun and rewarding hobby. A brown thumb is simply an untrained or misinformed … Read more

Home and Organization: Spring garden preparation begins now

According to the local fruit and vegetable specialist, it is time to prepare for the spring gardening season. Courtney DeKalb-Myers, Oklahoma State University Extension horticulture instructor in Cleveland County, said the best time to think about spring planting is when the ground is still cool. “This new year, some gardeners may already be itching for … Read more

Cherry Cordials now and starting in 2023 for your garden

If you’re like our family, cherry cordials are your go-to treat during the holiday season. There is something about that first bite that releases a sweet taste of happiness. As you enjoy this delicious specialty at home or off the shelf, consider that the hottest new begonia for 2023 is the Surefire Cherry Cordial. × … Read more

Eye on G20 Summit to beautify NDMC grounds, planting colorful flowers

Eye on G20 Summit, Plantation of colorful flowers to beautify NDMC areas

New Delhi: The Horticulture Department of NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) has started planting tulips to beautify the surroundings of New Delhi and host the G20 meeting. NDMC Vice-Chairman Satish Upadhyay told CitySpeedday, “India will host the G20 Leaders’ Summit in 2023 for the first time in the country. It seeks to play an important … Read more

Fall flowers shine from bulbs planted in the fall

If you thought autumn was the time to put away your garden tools for the year, think again. It’s time to plant the bulb. “If daffodils, tulips and hyacinths aren’t planted in the fall, they won’t greet you in the spring,” says David Trinklin, University of Missouri Extension horticulturist. Spring flowering bulbs need 10 to … Read more

Now is the time to plant spring-blooming bulbs.

Fall is the time to think about all those flowers we associate with spring: daffodils, crocuses, and other easy-to-grow flowering bulbs. If you don’t grow any spring-flowering bulbs in your area, you’re missing out on some easy-to-grow plants that will add early color to your garden. Our favorite tulips and hyacinths are short here and … Read more

Why ‘September is the new May’ when it comes to planting flowers – Jordan News | Latest news from Jordan, MENA

On the brink of fall, the direction of the flower garden may not be viral social media images. And it may not excite the weary gardener.Add announcement But don’t stop now. According to Jenny Rose Carey, longtime florist and vocal believer in options for the coming weeks, “September is the new May. Of course, it’s … Read more