CHS: High school ag programs are on the rise. Market display

In peg zinc High schools in many states have added Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) programs over the past decade. In Minnesota, AFNR programs have grown from 180 in 2005 to 215 by 2022 and enrollment has grown by nearly 10,000 students, according to the Minnesota Department of Education. A significant number of these … Read more

PH Consultants conduct mobility programs in Malaysia, Thailand

Contributed by Ventura Chinaman Photo A State University-based lecturer from Nueva Ichija is a grant funded by the LevelUPHEI AFAR Higher Education Commission (CHEd) to upgrade Philippine higher education institutions. Ventura Chinaman, a lecturer at NVSU Vivskaya State University (NVSU), has been active at Cassesart University (KU) in Thailand until August 31, according to the … Read more

The initiative by the Horticulture Officer in Andra has had a positive effect on Kadapa Tribal Rights.

Express News Service Vijayawada: For the love of fruits and vegetables and for the better income of the farmers in the region, the central government has resigned and joined the regional government by implementing various innovative programs to promote fruit and vegetable development. Veguri Shadrach Darmaja, deputy director of the State Department of Vegetation and … Read more

Reiman Gardens launches the series “From Earth to Heaven” for beginners

Reiman Gardens has launched a new program for beginner gardeners this month. Screenshot from YouTube Reiman Gardens is launching a new program for novice gardeners. Soil is a 12-session program that lasts until February and lasts until September. Rayman Gardens has previously taught gardening with various successes. “We’re in a strange pocket,” said Sarah Merritt, … Read more

NCDA and CS Programs Reward $ 1 Million for Bio-Energy and New Crops Research and Development

Immediately released Thursday, January. 27, 2022 Contact request Sam Breck, Agricultural Program Specialist Bio Energy Research Initiative 919-693-2483 Hunter Barrier, Coordinator New and Growing Crops Program 910-592-7839 NCDA and CS Programs Reward $ 1 Million for Bio-Energy and New Crops Research and Development RALEIGH – NC Bio Energy Energy Initiative and New and Growing Crop … Read more

IT Dep. Provides taxpayer awareness programs at Budgam & Ganderbal.

In the UT of J&K and Ladakh, taxpayers’ awareness campaign “Mulatat” continues today in Budgam and Ganderbal provinces of Kashmir State, led by Revenue Commissioner Shri MP Singh (1990 Bach IRS Officer) in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Revenue Department. The process was led by Shri Rajiv Kumar Gubgotra, Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, Srinagar … Read more

Max Alph fosters a love for plants

Max Alff.

When Max Alf graduated from high school, he did not intend to study for a long time. He is registered with the ACC State Agricultural Institute for Jewelry and Landscaping Technology, and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree and enter the workforce. I enjoy working in the landscape industry and I don’t want to spend … Read more