Extending the quarantine route will provide some relief to Victorian gardeners

Austvik Vak, Victoria’s largest industry body for horticulture growers, welcomes the long-awaited announcement that the Victorian Government will expand its neutral path with Tasmania to include up to 1,500 workers from the Pacific islands as part of a seasonal labor program and part of the Pacific labor force. The plan, though, believes that after this … Read more

On the way to support more seasonal harvest workers

Victoria’s agricultural businesses will benefit from increasing their current workforce, with the Victorian government extending the neutral route to an additional 1,500 Pacific workers. Agriculture Minister Mary-Ann Thomas today announced a new agreement to continue subsidized and interest-based neutrality. Current Staff Program And Pacific Labor Plan. The new agreement extends the government’s $ 7.8 million … Read more

The Coalition Government will issue visas to farmers

The Federal Liberal Government has issued an Australian agricultural visa to alleviate the shortage of manpower faced by Australian farmers and to support structural changes in the agricultural sector. The Australian Fresh Produce Alliance (AFPA) has repeatedly called for an independent agricultural visa for overseas workers to travel to Australia to work in agriculture. The … Read more

Urgent action is needed to protect the Victorian horticultural industry

Osvig VIC, Victoria’s largest industry for vegetable and potato growers, is calling for an immediate extension of the neutrality arrangement between Victoria and Tasmania so that workers from the Pacific Islands can do the necessary work on Victorian farms. The January 2021 መንገድ መንገድ መንገድ መንገድ መንገድ መንገድ መንገድ ዝግጅት ገለ ገለ ገለ ገለ ቷል … Read more

Two thousand foreign ag workers arrive in NSW

Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall said more than 2,000 foreign agricultural workers have arrived in NSW in the past 12 months to help the industry overcome the shortage of manpower caused by Cowid. Mr. Marshall said the shortage of workers in the agricultural sector continues to be at an alarming level, which is why the continued … Read more