Gardening, landscaping learning opportunities

We may not be able to do yard and garden work right now, but we can use it to attend private lessons, ask questions, share and hear about extension resources to improve landscapes and solve plant problems. Nebraska Extension’s mission is to extend science-based information to help Nebraskans. For horticulture, one goal is to help … Read more

Plan now for a spring garden

By Trisha Geddon Although it is too early to plant any seeds in the gardener’s soil, the winter months are an ideal time for spring and summer garden planning. Getting a few chores done before Gardening Glory Days starts will help gardeners have enough time to grow their vegetables in the warm days ahead, said … Read more

Milk for monarch butterfly gardens

It’s time for garden planning. If you’re planning a flower garden to attract monarch butterflies, I’m re-sharing this interesting research from the University of Kentucky about milkweed placement in gardens. Research by Adam Baker and Daniel Potter shows that monarchs are more likely to lay eggs on milkweed planted outside the main flower garden, where … Read more

Horticulture Hotline: Winter Job List

Are you ready for the 2023 season on your campus? Plants seem confused and I am cold, not cold, winter, not winter. who knows? The warm weather between the cold spells has made large patch and mole crickets very active. Charleston – the hardest place to grow grass. Here are a few things to do … Read more

6 New Year’s resolutions that any gardener can keep

Happy New Year, gardeners! While you’re making resolutions to eat better and exercise more, consider a few ideas for what you can do this year to make the garden outside your window look better than the garden in your mind. Here are a few of the garden projects I’ve done (sometimes a lot!). Maybe one … Read more

Garden: How to get rid of annoying fungus gnats

The bane of my existence is the fungus gnat (Bradysia spp). The larvae of this tricky little creature like to live in excessively wet soil. Their larval feeding habits can damage plant roots and even stunt or kill seedlings. Adults leave the soil and fly away, often to swoop directly into your mouth or nose. … Read more

Home and Organization: Spring garden preparation begins now

According to the local fruit and vegetable specialist, it is time to prepare for the spring gardening season. Courtney DeKalb-Myers, Oklahoma State University Extension horticulture instructor in Cleveland County, said the best time to think about spring planting is when the ground is still cool. “This new year, some gardeners may already be itching for … Read more

The goal of the study is to help Georgia farmers transition to certified organic farming.

To answer the growing demand, University of Georgia researchers have begun a study looking at ways to help Georgia farmers transition to growing certified organic vegetables on unused farmland or pasture. Kate Cassity-Duffy, an assistant professor of horticulture at UGA and one of the study’s researchers, said dormant land is often more available and affordable … Read more

Horticulture Hotline: Ways to Save Money on Lawn Care

Everyone wants to save a few extra dollars. Spending on lawn services and applications can add up, so it’s important to know the best needs for your lawn. Test your soil and find out the exact amendments your soil needs to feed your plants. Some amendments, such as lime and sulfur, are relatively inexpensive, but … Read more

Fall flowers shine from bulbs planted in the fall

If you thought autumn was the time to put away your garden tools for the year, think again. It’s time to plant the bulb. “If daffodils, tulips and hyacinths aren’t planted in the fall, they won’t greet you in the spring,” says David Trinklin, University of Missouri Extension horticulturist. Spring flowering bulbs need 10 to … Read more