How can a fruit fly destroy half of the SA Citrus industry?

Oranges on a tree.

The Fruit and Vegetation Division is calling on the federal government to review trade agreements to prevent the harvest of oranges. Highlights: Fruit fly restrictions have been extended in parts of Riversland until October The fruit fly was discovered between the Pike River and the Renmark West Restriction Zones. According to the chairman of Citrus … Read more

Another half is looming.

Farmers who grow half of a region’s potatoes, many of which are intended for fresh chips, have lost their crops in the wild. Farmers have warned that there could be a shortage of potatoes in the area after a devastating cyclone hit major Victoria. The region north of Balarat produces about half of the state’s … Read more

New trades to get into Gasquin Bowl

Three vegetable and fruit businesses selected for Gaskin Bowl Bowl Inni TV 278 hectares of land has been allocated in Carnarvon to expand the horticulture industry It is estimated that the price of local commercial fruits and vegetables will increase by 25 percent The Macrogo government has cleared more than 270 hectares of land in … Read more

A fruit fly booklet for new children is blown up in schools

Young South Australians will learn more about fruit flies at school by launching a new children’s booklet to raise awareness about pests and support efforts to eradicate pests. The new book Fruit Fly is part of a new school input kit on the Fruit Fly website that is now bringing life to the forefront of … Read more

Using the best noses in bio safety

The Australian Bio Safety Dog Unit has been improved over the years, and the dogs are currently involved in experiments to identify specific cargo pests and screen for COVID-19 passengers. According to Andrew Metcalf Ao, secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment and Australia’s biotechnology director, the dogs continue to be an integral … Read more

Millions of pure flies descended from the sky over the city

As the Marshall Liberal government launched a spring campaign against the pest, the skies above Metropolitan Adelaide were filled with less than 20 million fruit flies a week. More than 600 million fresh fruit flies have been released in the Adelaide epidemic and blockade areas, with more than 160,000 homes destroyed so far. Minister of … Read more

Israeli fruit fly technology was first introduced in Australia by Adelaide

A new global technology designed specifically to combat fruit flies is being introduced in Australia at Metropolitan Adelaide. The Marshall Liberal government is experimenting with a new invention of Fydom, a biofuel company that uses chemical formulas to attract, feed, and kill fruit flies. The Minister of Primary Industries and Regional Development, David Basham, said … Read more

Product of interest

Produce of Desire

Be Dun Tan It is hard to believe that cucumbers can instill such love, but Dung has used this to transform his business practices in the Northern Adelaide plains into a sustainable business model. The first days While Dung enjoyed his corporate life working for Fortune 500 in the heart of Hong Kong, while a … Read more

Royal Adelaide Show canceled due to ongoing cholera virus restrictions

The Hard Rock ride at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Prime Minister Steven Marshall has announced that the Royal Adelaide Show, scheduled for next month, has been completed. Highlights: The 2021 Royal Adelaide Show has been launched as South Australia continues to have some covide restrictions The annual event is the second year in a row SA’s health care team worked closely with the organizers, … Read more

The annual candidates for Ag City were extended by a week

The 2021 Ag City Prize nominee has extended the now-extended city until Monday, August 16. This year’s Agricultural City Award highlights the important role that agriculture plays in the region of South Australia. David Basham, Minister of Primary Industries and Regional Development, said the Kovid lock soon means candidates will be open for another week. … Read more