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U.S. round table waters are planned The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Defense have asked the communities to come up with table ideas for input on regional implications for “United States Water.” The roundtable discussions will help inform the agencies’ work to develop a sustainable definition of “United States Water” that … Read more

Changing the Lives of Horticultural Farmers: The Bengalru-based Agtech Initiative shows the way

Two years ago, in the village of Chanakeshavavara in the Karnataka district of Karnataka, 80 km from Bengalru, some farmers were struggling to make the most of their investments in greenhouses. Deep Rooted.Co met with them through a group of farmers, who began providing information on the entire crop cycle on land preparation, planning, sowing, … Read more

Madhya Pradesh – Smart Seed is starting to generate startups

Indor (Madhya Pradesh): Improving startups AIM Ahmedabad Technology Business Incubator The Indore Smart City Smart Generation, run by CIIE.CO, is dreaming of the first start-up for children in need to read. Rohit Pandy launches book library at Inspire India to educate students and students in public schools. “I have done research to ensure that children … Read more