Teens Grow Greens Inc. The Milwaukee community launched a $7 million project to expand access

MILWAUKEE – For the past seven years, Teens Grow Greens Incorporated has been harnessing the power of gardening to provide business, entrepreneurship and educational opportunities to youth in Milwaukee. The Teen Greens program started with just 10 employees and now has more than 70. The head of agriculture, Julius Gayo, said: “Every year it is … Read more

The Missouri Botanical Garden is about to open a new, $100 million visitor center.

Missouri Botanical Garden staff mingle in front of a video board during an open house for staff and their families at the Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center on Sunday, Aug. 21, 2022. Robert Cohen, Post-Send Missouri Botanical Garden President Peter Weiss Jackson said he heard the word repeatedly from donors and staff at a preview … Read more

The downtown lobby shows the owner’s love for art and design

By Amy Burger Special for Post The spacious downtown balcony is a perfect reflection of Steve Lassie, owner of Stylist / Salon. He moved in less than a year and spent a lot of time making the place feel like home. Located in the Bankers Loft Building, the open space and significant square footage, especially … Read more

Ubi Expert’s phrase ‘food desert’ reduces the solution to neighbors’ eating disorders

“If a grocery store decides to move into a neighborhood, one thinks it’s about income and land. That was not the case, ”said Raja, an associate dean of research and international competency, chief research officer of the Food System Planning and Healthy Communities Laboratory (better known as the“ Food Laboratory ”) and co-founder. Director of … Read more

In-house: Bohemian vibration penetrates a light-filled Southampton home

Most of the furniture in the house is covered with velvet fabric in different colors. The two stained glass windows are the first for the house. The windows face west, and when the sun goes down, the windows light up the room. 10-year-old Sam is on his favorite sofa on the bottom right. Flashing lights … Read more