Cornell Og relationship: The real Johnny Appleseed

There is nothing more exciting in life than to bite into a fresh, clear, juicy, mouth-watering, slightly sweet, little tar, apple. And what can be healthy? Apples do not contain vitamins C and A, antioxidants, potassium, pectin, fiber and cholesterol. They can be eaten fresh, baked or baked. They can be juice or turned into … Read more

Small space containers are great with new gardeners

When Victory Gardens returned last spring, there were heck fields in rows and rows of gardens. Instead, a new generation of gardeners interested in cooking and access to food grew leaves and small species in backyards, porches, or porches. At the time of the outbreak, 16 million people, many of them under the age of … Read more

Plenty of produce – The Qur’anic family produces, stores 222 pints of vegetable goodness

“Dubling” is an understatement. Every spring, Upson buys small plants when it is warmed by Steinbrink and at low temperatures. Vegetables begin to sprout in early July. Once selected, the Upson can be started. The children pick up some and help with cancer, but for Upson, it is often the only project. Depending on the … Read more

Special peppers are fun on the gardens and on the tables

As I write this article, I am watching the weather as Hurricane Ida approaches the northern Gulf of Mexico. As a result, I spent a lot of time in the garden collecting and harvesting various crops that I did not want to lose. One group of plants I collected was my special pepper that I … Read more

Fall in love during the holidays

Members of the persistent COVID-19 epidemic community in the highlands still find the fall as a good reason to celebrate with joy, food, and fellowship, just like everyone else. The change of leaves, the fresh autumn weather, the hope of the coming winter are all perfect opportunities to gather for the fall of old fashion. … Read more

Harvest, enjoy the garden, mint and

Add a little cool flavor to your drinks, meals and desserts with home-grown cinnamon this summer. Try using peppermint leaves in fruit cocktails and ice cream. Add spice to your tea or use lamb and jelly to taste the leaves. Or try chocolate mint to get a unique, sweet and refreshing taste in desserts and … Read more

Good times at the Boyd County show

Colon Despite the rain, and the relatively simple exhibits, high octane, the meat was on the carpet, Wednesday night at the Boyd County show. Fairgoers were treated to an electric show featuring the next pro-wrestling outfit from Sintina to Generation. Advertiser Maxx Slide said that of all the fans in Kentucky, if not the world, … Read more

The 114th Stephen County Free Exhibition opens this week

The 114th annual Stephen County Free Fair is just a few days away. This year’s free fair is scheduled to take place on August 18-21 at Stephen County Fields, and follows on from this year’s Free Fair Crown, which received its crown on Saturday, August 7. Schedule of events Wednesday, August 18 OHC, 4-H, Garden, … Read more