Why ‘September is the new May’ when it comes to planting flowers – Jordan News | Latest news from Jordan, MENA

On the brink of fall, the direction of the flower garden may not be viral social media images. And it may not excite the weary gardener.Add announcement But don’t stop now. According to Jenny Rose Carey, longtime florist and vocal believer in options for the coming weeks, “September is the new May. Of course, it’s … Read more

The city garden in Rio feeds hundreds of families in the former ‘Krakland’

Rio de Janeiro, December 5, 2010 (FBC) The Manguinhos neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, a smoker’s neighborhood and a garbage dump, has been converted into a community garden by feeding over 800 families at high prices. According to the coordinators of the Rio de Janeiro “Hortas Cariocaas” program, the city’s garden covers four football fields, … Read more

Cold weather is slow weather | Tony Tom

It is not as hot as it used to be. Hot days do not last as long as they did in the summer. After that, long evenings get a little cold. Technically, the fall is only a few days later. Although seasonal changes are minor, and are a little slower here than in other regions, … Read more

Thorns are inherently disgusting. Tony Tom

Roses can be more fun to grow and prune without thorns. Blackberry is easy to pick without thorns. Working with thorns is not easy. Some desirable plants, such as roses and most blackberries, are naturally thorny. The only way to deal with their thorns is to grow something completely different. Thorns and similar structures are … Read more

Grow fresh from the garden | Tony Tom

People notice plants before they do. They respond accordingly. Plant growth slows down or stops altogether. Most of the remaining flowers do the same. Fruit and seed development is growing. Less fresh produce is available from the garden. Maps of Boston Ivy and Japan may already change color. Everyone knows that days are short and … Read more

Mail Order False and Facts | Tony Tom

Monkeys are one of the most popular messaging scams. The first $ 0.49 was not cheap for children who made their first purchase in 1957. They were nothing like comic book advertisements. They were small salt shrimps who could not build walls, play tennis, or even smile at the camera. Nevertheless, the monkeys were profitable … Read more

Sánchez – OSU requires input on gardening programs

By 2020, as with everything else, Oregon State University’s major horticulture program was forced to change rapidly and dramatically. Coercion has brought many challenges, as well as some remarkable successes. For example, teachers and participants in educational programs have been transferred to online learning and interaction methods. The online transition includes adapting technology, sufficient Internet … Read more