Eliminating the challenges faced in agriculture

Ben Speedy. Photo / Provided The world population is growing by around 220,000 per day. The middle class continues to grow. There are many people who need to be fed and are willing to pay for protein. New Zealand food and fiber products sell at record prices. Dairy, meat, logs and fruit are trading at … Read more

Orangevale Community Garden

Question of the day – 4/25Monday’s show is closed with Tina’s question of the day. What are you listening to now? 33 minutes ago Show and tell – Update “Jimmy GA Day”!Last week we spoke to a Portuguese artist (also a 49er supporter) who was doing the original painting every day until Jimmy Garopolo was … Read more

Tracy Kindergarten and Garden

Jamaican Labor Day FoodsTina is in Stockholm at CJ’s Jamaica & BBQ and they show us how to make Jamaican comfort food! See what delicious food they cook! 2 minutes ago Lemon to raise awareness of mental healthJuliza Ortiz is 7 years old with lemon juice to help raise her mental health awareness. See where … Read more

McGregie Elementary School Garden Club

Dina-AiDina Kufer is working on another Dina-Eye project: Boho Pencil and Mobile Phone Owners. See how you can make these tricky crafts too! 14 minutes ago McGregie Elementary School Garden ClubLori Wallace is at McGarvey Elementary School in Rancho Cordova and they are showing off their garden! Check out their new garden presented by Redeemer … Read more

McGarvey Elementary School Garden

Ordinary fryCheck out today’s Trivia Toast movies 19 minutes ago Court Survey (Song Content by Bonus John Dabkovich) – 8/16During Monday’s court hearing, Courtney is showing women music today! Play with us, and after we lost to Black and went on to break up, John took over as Janet Jackson as a backup singer! Check … Read more