Big news for small ants to hit the planet

They may be small, but a new study suggests that ants are no small fry for hitching a ride on human-powered rides to different pockets of the world. “Critically, we found that more than 300 species have high potential to establish non-native populations, and two-thirds of these are not being invaded. Dr Mark Wong, UWA … Read more

rwa: One Rwa can only get 3 parks for maintenance | Chandigarh News – Indian Times

Chandigarh: The municipal corporation allows each resident safety association (RWA) to take only three neighborhood parks for maintenance. The move aims to avoid misunderstandings between RWAs to take over neighboring parks, and help unions protect them properly. The agenda is for the upcoming MC General Assembly to be held on Friday for discussion and approval.The … Read more

The San Joaquin County’s show at the show returns with new offers in June, followed by AgFest

It’s been three years since laughter, music, and the smell of dogs from the San Joaquin County’s venue on Stoke’s South Airport Way. However, event organizers have announced that the county’s show will return this weekend in the first week of June under the motto, “It will bloom where it is planted.” “We are delighted … Read more