‘Better Homes and Gardens’ predictions – some wins and some misses

My wife Judy is a subscriber to Better Homes and Gardens (BH&G) magazine, and I picked up their new September 2022 issue as a special 100th anniversary commemorative issue. On the cover there is a beautiful cake with the number “100” on it. Looking at the table of contents, I found the last page of … Read more

Turning the gun into a garden weapon shows how Utah hopes to reuse weapons

Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes Sandy – A Utah organization is hoping to prevent a gun attack by turning over donated firearms as a weapon of mass destruction. The Utah Firearms Center, in partnership with the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, is asking people to donate unwanted firearms on June 11. As part of the Firearms Awareness … Read more

Community parks at Utah hospitals help maintain good health, a sense of ownership

Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes Ore – Anxiety Dinora Espinoza has spent a lot of time in her apartment, but there is a place she can hear outside. Taking care of her plot in a community garden makes her mind wander. She says that fresh air eliminates negative thoughts. And unlike humans, she does not … Read more

Orangevale Community Garden

Question of the day – 4/25Monday’s show is closed with Tina’s question of the day. What are you listening to now? 33 minutes ago Show and tell – Update “Jimmy GA Day”!Last week we spoke to a Portuguese artist (also a 49er supporter) who was doing the original painting every day until Jimmy Garopolo was … Read more

Damaged works of art have been removed from the Salt Lake City International Peace Parks

On Monday, Peace Gardeners went to work and noticed some damaged artwork and destruction. (Salt Lake Public Lands Department) Estimated reading time: 2-3 minutes SALT LAKE CITY – Many works of art have been lost in the Salt Lake City International Gardens after being injured in a robbery attempt last weekend. Six works of art … Read more

‘Gardener’ is celebrating his 70th birthday with fun and advice.

Marjie Ducey Omaha World-Herald Kris Reswig, Extension Gardener, host of “Backyard Farmer” program, talks about a special rain garden she shares with her neighbor Bob Kulaver. By the time the 70th season of “Gardener” came, Tom would still be the big topic of discussion, host Kim Todd predicted. So it will be turf. Many other … Read more

The surgeon hopes to create a Utah garden that features the Book of Mormon, a patriotic sculpture.

A picture of the sculptures for the Behold Your Little Ones Fountain, designed for a future park in Heber City. Stephen Neal says he is creating a sculpture garden which will overlook Heber Valley and contain religious and patriotic sculptures.

An image of a waterfall for your little ones in the future at Heber City Park. Stephen Neil Heber says he is creating a sculpture garden that overlooks the valley and features religious and patriotic sculptures. (American Monument) Estimated reading time: 5-6 minutes Heber City – A Utah man says a garden of monuments to … Read more

The amazing benefits of preserving plants no matter how big your home is

Better houses and gardens Landscape and gardener Charlie Albon is encouraging more Australians to become ‘plant parents’ to help them improve their physical and mental well-being. Speaking Morning show, In an effort to create greener, better homes, streets and suburbs across the country, Albone said, in collaboration with Greenland Space Better. Check out Charlie Albon … Read more

Milton Keynes-based charity is hunting for new recruits.

Want to make a difference in Milton Cain’s green spaces and communities? Parks Trust is an independent charity that manages more than 6,000 acres of parkland and green space in Milton Keynes. There are a variety of roles within the organization, including landscape management, finance, asset management, marketing, events and outdoor education, as well as … Read more

Montreal wants to block many single-plastics, many pesticides

Montreal: The city of Montreal is looking to block more single plastics and more pesticides by March 2023 and more plastic bags by December 2022. Planned by the administration on Wednesday called for a change. Prohibited pesticides include glyphosate, chlorpyrifos and certain neonicotinoids. “The harmful effects of pesticides on health are growing,” said Mayor Valerie … Read more