How to attract wasps to your garden (and why you need it)

For the named article Photo: Thijs de Graph (Shutterstock) Wasps have a public relations problem. Of course, there may be many people who are not fond of bees — especially if they are allergic to one person — but in the long run, many are aware of their feelings. Bees are useful for breeding and … Read more

Not all insects in the garden are endangered

Steel Water – When gardeners see insects in their garden, they fear that these multi-legged creatures will chew and leave their path in the landscape and on the road to destruction. There are some insects that can cause this kind of damage in the garden – aphids, cut worms and caterpillars – many insects are … Read more

The squirrel killers are not in the backyard, they are in our backyards

If you listen closely, you may hear the annual Sikada singing their songs in the trees. Some may even hear the “alarm” signal they are using when they are being attacked. What if these big hempes are scared? That will be the Sikada killer wasp – special parasites, hunting, biting and paralyzing the Sikada, then … Read more