‘Learn To Live With Ugly’ After Cold Injury

A Texas A&M AgriLife expert says property owners and gardeners should practice patience when dealing with frost-damaged plants. Michael Arnold, Ph.D., director of The Gardens at Texas A&M University and professor of landscape gardening in the Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Department of Horticulture, Bryan-College Station, says warm weather can be a … Read more

‘Long and hard… but very rewarding’: Farmers reflect on high rainfall, tonnage and costs in one year.

Regardless of location or industry, 2022 is set to be a big year for Western Australian farmers. Main points: Farmers describe the 2022 season as unusual, rewarding and challenging. In many cases, high rainfall, tonnage and pricing all contributed to a busy crop year. Looking ahead to 2023, industries are hoping for stability and another … Read more

This man built an airplane for his family in his garden

It wasn't until he moved near to an airfield in the UK over a decade ago that mechanical engineer A...

(CNN) — It wasn’t until he moved to an airport in the United Kingdom a decade ago that mechanical engineer Ashuk Aliseril Tamarakshan began seriously considering learning to fly a plane. He got his first taste of flying a few years later when his wife Abhilasha bought him a 30-minute flight experience for his birthday. … Read more

Price increase: flood to add fruit, vegetable costs at the checkout

Consumers have been warned that fruit and vegetable prices could rise after flooding damaged key agricultural areas in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Premier Anthony Albanese is visiting flood-hit areas in Victoria and NSW and says continued rain will drive up prices. “Unfortunately there was such a good crop expected in wheat, fruit and vegetables, most … Read more

Georgia farmers brace for Hurricane Ian. Tropical storms are forecast as early as Wednesday

Hurricane Ian could wreak havoc on Georgia’s largest industry, as farmers prepare to head into the state for the tropical storm’s force as early as Wednesday. “Really, all we can do is go ahead and make sure all the irrigation is shut off so the land doesn’t get saturated when the wind comes here, and … Read more

Why is my car stuck? A local horticulturist explains the reason for the ‘honeymoon’

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – You may have noticed a sticky film on your car in the last week or so. Although many people think that it is tree sap, the owner of the local garden center – surprisingly – it is something completely different. “The poison comes from insects, and it’s called honeydew. Adam Andrews, … Read more

Six Finger Lakes sites have been nominated for state and national historic places registries.

Huntington Building in Seneca Falls. Photo by Greg Cotterill 27 sites have been nominated for state and national registers of historic places, six of which are located in the Finger Lakes. The Bristol Center Episcopal Church and Naples Viniculture Historic District in Ontario County, the Crosman Terrace Historic District and the Martin and Andrew … Read more

Good weather, high prices and a very profitable agricultural export year are now forecast.

Young cattle lined up in a dusty feedlot

For the first time, Australia’s food and fiber export value is expected to top $70 billion, thanks to continued good weather and high prices for farmers. Main points: Good conditions and high prices have combined to create a forecast for record agricultural exports Australia’s winter crops are expected to yield more than 55 million tons … Read more

Why Salt Lake City is looking to grow more community gardens.

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall speaks to members of the media at the Harrison Community Garden in Salt Lake City Thursday. The garden, the eighth in the city, opened this year.

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall speaks to members of the media at Harrison Community Gardens in Salt Lake City on Thursday. The eighth garden in the city was opened this year. (Carter Williams, KSL.com) Estimated reading time: 5-6 minutes SALT LAKE CITY — When Nicole Farley moved to Utah’s capital in the fall of … Read more

Family gardens record heat, causing severe damage due to drought

Estimated reading time: 2-3 minutes TOOEL – Extreme heat, drought and high prices at the grocery store are taking their toll on families. For those who rely on home gardening for food storage, this year has been tough. The Castagno family in Tooele plants a large garden each year. They enjoy most of it during … Read more