Take a look inside – an amazing half a million pound house surrounded by an amazing garden

The five-bedroom family home on Griston Lane is upstairs with stunning countryside views and magnificent gardens, complete with stunning modern decor.

The fragile spacious house also closed the parking lot and garage door.

The kitchen-dining area is lit by relaxation lights, breakfast bar hangers and floor level spot lights.

From the kitchen to the glass roof and the French doors overlooking the garden, you can reach the magnificent construction.

The sunlight in the kitchen makes the house feel light and airy.

The property has two bathrooms, the most impressive being a shower with a shower head shower.

It also shows a double vanity with a mirror on top.

The large house has three reception rooms.

A reception room is now a social space – the perfect place to bring your family and friends to the party or meeting.

The room has a storage area to keep all your favorite drinks and glassware in one place.

The room boasts views of the countryside and has French doors leading to the outer courtyard.

The magnificent garden has new stone walls, stone floors and stunning lighting, which creates spectacular views for outdoor recreation.

In front of the house are large gardens with views of the city and surrounding countryside.

There are many places and paths between trees and shrubs.

The house is on the market for ውስጥ 465,000.

If you are interested in this property, call real estate agents Corrie and Co. on 01229 846196.

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