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For more than 1,000 years, Bonsai – the art of carefully pruning plants, often trees, to make them smaller in nature – originated in China. It has been described as the perfect blend of art and gardening in the microcosm.

Visitors to North Carolina have a unique opportunity to see one of the country’s most iconic Bonsai collections. And now, with the new adult education program, people can learn more about these amazing plants by learning directly from Arthur Jura, the manager of Arboretum Bonsai.

Over the past 30 years, Jura, who has spent over 30 years maintaining and designing more than 100 sample arboretum sets, is currently sharing his knowledge and professional experience in a 12-month online course entitled The Curator Journal. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes footage of his journal entries – mostly vocabulary but occasionally his photographs and works of art – as well.

In one episode, for example, Jora describes her work in life: “Bonsai is a strange thing to start with. Taking a tree, it always represents something greater than us and always less than us. He went on to say, “He takes the living creatures that are rooted in the earth and removes them from that context and puts them in a container instead.

However, in botanical terms, the area is quite large – a bonsai that reflects the beauty and biological diversity of the southern Apalchian region.

Chris Baker, director of Bonsai at the Chicago Plants Garden, said of NC Arboretum Bonsai: Arthur Jura creates the most unique and prestigious collection in the country… ”

Curator’s Journal, a monthly online course, contains standard entries with additional materials, and provides opportunities to connect with the supervisor. Participants can sign up at any time of the year and receive year-round entries. Subscription $ 180 for 12 months and $ 90 for six months; Arbor members can sign up for a 20% discount. See for more information.

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