Tanzania Taha Fetes Smallholder Farmers

After winning the first edition of the Bäulicliche Unternehmer Schulungen – Agribusiness Training (BUS) competition, everyone smiled at Asma Amor Ali.

A 23-year-old third-year student at the Abdurahman Al-Sumit University in Zanzibar, nine other contestants had the title, and she offered a 12.5m-worth agricultural tool.

Shortly after the victory on Wednesday evening, the soft-spoken entrepreneur, who invented the orchard, worked hard because of hard work and determination.

“It was hard work, but I think I came up with the best business idea that convinced the judge,” said Ali, from the Wollo area in Zanzibar.

Asked what she would do with the prestigious prize, the BUS business idea winner said she would get a drip system, buy fertilizers and pesticides on her small farm in Danga Kimbeni, central, southern region.

The BUS competition is divided into three parts and participants in the first phase analyze their capabilities, capabilities and limitations by identifying driving forces and limiting them to economic development forces.

It also helps them identify their market situation and determine their future.

Angelina Nyansambo, Agri-Finance and Business Development Service Officer of TAHA, Tanzania, organized this year’s event, described the competition as a serious matter and praised all the contestants.

“The judges of the judiciary have been working to check the entries of the individuals to ensure that they are driven by interest, employed best practices or even sustainability. We should thank all the candidates for doing so,” he said.

This year’s competition, which seeks to support small shareholders to provide long-term income for their families, saw more than 80 entries from a panel of judges in Tanzania and Germany.

However, they were cut to 10. The event was jointly organized by TAHA, TRIAS and the Andreas Hermes Academy (AHA) in Germany.


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