Tara Young joins Hubbard County Extension Office as interim teacher | Park Rapids Organization

He grew up on a cattle ranch outside Buffalo, Minn. She is currently working on her master’s degree in applied plant science.

After graduating in December 2019, she worked as a local teacher in Carlton County.

Asked what she was attracted to in Hubbard County, she said: It was a great mix of many of our extensions.

Describing the extension as “small in everything,” Young said she was thrilled to begin recruiting people for a major gardening program, offering a course on canned food, and offering educational opportunities in the forest and pastures.

She encourages residents to stay in the extension office or call her if they want to know more about caring for their lawns, gardens or farms.

Young Nevis lives north of Nevis with her boyfriend, Lee. Since Kyle competes in boats, the couple spends most of their time in the local rivers and lakes. The youth looks forward to hiking, skiing and all the other outdoor activities offered by Hubbard County.

According to Sarah Chuur, director of the Extension AFNR program, Young is a temporary place, 14 hours a week. Young said she would work with this study if she continued.

Meanwhile, Chur said the county extension committee is looking for a permanent AFNR teacher to begin in January.

“The County Extension Committee and the County Board have been very supportive of this extension teacher position and are very good at setting some priorities,” Chur said.

Along with Sally Spider’s Retirement at the end of 2020, Chur said there are “big shoes in front of your staff” in horticulture, pastoralism, agriculture, coordination among gardeners and others.

“I’m sure you can do it,” Chur added. As an extension teacher, it can be a gateway to a farm day. She has something to teach herself, but she can also access all the resources of the university.

He said the mission of the extension is to connect the university’s resources with the needs of the community.

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