Teacher Horticulture- Recovering dry gardens

As Zone 3 or 3.5 gardeners, we look forward to the days when the changed soil odor will stick to our outdoor clothing. This spring is dynamic and ridiculous (suffering?) The most patient among us.

Most of us have in recent weeks been looking for elements of boldness and hope for empty land and green living signs. I was screaming as I enjoyed the old cross, the hoods, the white paper, and the driver labels.

I recently helped my daughter-in-law by picking up three high garden beds and preparing them for gardening and flowering. Each bed has not been sown for the past two years. Unexpectedly, various grasses and weeds claimed and showed evidence of flowering.

After consulting the University of Minnesota Horticultural Extension website, I confirmed that we have options for preparing these beds and weeding. True, the end of summer is the perfect time to prepare a garden for spring planting; However, we started a few weeks after planting in the ground and concluded that we had few options.

Roll our hands and collect the appropriate garden tools, such as pickax, pliers, steel forks, spades and possibly padding. This task requires determination and a strong back; Weeding is a challenge. After a few hours, one or all of the beds may be ready for additional soil and fertilizer.

Use the sun and the tropics to eradicate weeds. Solar insulation is the process of placing a net of plastic tar on the surface to heat the soil beneath. With sunny days, weeding takes about 2-3 weeks.

The sunscreen method can help reduce the amount of harmful microorganisms in the soil, which can cause damage and disease to the restored garden.

Hiding is a process similar to sunlighting, but with an unmistakable edge rather than clarity. This method usually takes 4-6 weeks to be successful.

The purpose and process of sunburn and magic are very simple and do not require much energy. Plastic bottles are opaque or opaque, limit heat and humidity and promote seed germination and growth. The key to the success of these weed control methods is weeding.

It is important to water the bed frequently before the fall cover, and of course, the higher the temperature, the stronger the germination. It is also important to keep the edges of the plate tightly to prevent further water from entering.

Without water and light, the germinated plants die. To learn more about these weed control methods visit the University of Minnesota Info website at www.extension.umn.edu

Have a nice garden plan for everyone and at the end of the day you will smell like garbage!

I conclude with another favorite garden quote: “If you have never had the pleasure of doing more than you expect, then plant a garden.” – Robert Brault

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