Texas A and M will sign new transfer agreements with three community colleges

Patrick J. Stover, Dean of the Technical A&M Agrillif, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Texas A&M Agrillif, Director, Blinch College District Chancellor, Mary Henley, signed the agreement with Blin.

Texas A&M Agrillif

The Texas A & M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has signed new transfer agreements with three community colleges – Blinn College, Angelina College and South Texas College – to make it easier for students to enroll at Texas A and M University.

According to college officials, the agreements signed this month aim to provide students with affordable, world-class higher education that will prepare them for careers in their chosen fields of agriculture and life sciences.

Patrick J. Stover, dean of the College of Agriculture and Life, Texas A&M, said: Director of Science and Texas A&M Agrillif Research. We are pleased that these new agreements have a diverse group of graduates ready to increase student enrollment in Texas A and M and serve this mission.

Blin College

Blein College District serves 13 counties through the Brian-College campus, including the RELLIS and Bryan campuses, and the five campuses, including Brenham, Sally, and Shulenberg. The new agreement between the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Blinn provides pathways from Texas A&M to Agricultural Economics, Environmental Science, Poultry Science, Plant and Environmental Soil Science, and Fruit and Vegetable.

Blin has a long-standing tradition of partnering with Texas A and M. By the end of 2020, for example, 5,892 Blind students had been transferred to Texas A and M.

“We are thrilled to be building Blinn’s students into an agricultural bachelor’s degree in an ongoing relationship with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.” District. We look forward to seeing our students succeed as leaders in Texas A&M and the agricultural industry.

Angelina College

Angelina College in Luffkin serves students throughout East Texas. The Texas A & M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has agreed to facilitate undergraduate and graduate programs in the Texas A&M Department of Biology and Agricultural Engineering. Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Agricultural Engineering. It is expected that the partnership will generate highly trained AGI graduates who can return to East Texas to build their careers.

“Angelina College, in partnership with the University of Texas A&M, is pleased to offer students in the College’s service area the opportunity to pursue these career paths. AC has selected the programs in consultation with local employers to enable students who have completed one of these programs to pursue their careers in East Texas.

South Texas College

South Texas College serves students in the Rio Grande Valley through five campuses, two higher education centers, and a virtual campus. The new negotiation agreement will help students move on to the bachelor’s science programs in Texas A and M: agricultural economics, environmental science, food science and technology, poultry science, plant and environmental science, or horticulture.

Losing credits, wasting time

Transfer Definition Agreements are based on a review of specific courses in community colleges to ensure they meet Texas A&M requirements. By following specific course checklists, students will be able to find out if their courses are free of charge and meet the requirements for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

“As we work together to provide opportunities for our students in agriculture and life sciences, we look forward to developing these key partnerships,” Stover said. These students will strengthen the workforce in key areas to serve the state of Texas.

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