Texas A&M Agricultural Extension Service hosts a public presentation on gardening at Tyler Public Library

After a brief mix of programs with renowned horticulturist and horticulturist Felder Rushing, the Texas A&M Agricultural Extension Service was hosted by Smith County’s Greg Gran as a keynote speaker. Following communication plans, Rushing will arrive in Tyler next week for his first presentation on “Maverick Gardeners-Flame Guards.”

A large crowd gathered at the Tyler Public Library Hall to hear Grant’s speech, “Show me your garden and I’ll tell you who they are.”

Grant took charge of the first grade and went into gardening. He always dreamed of living in his grandparents’ house, and as he did, he always wondered what the garden would look like.

Instead of visiting different places, coming up with different plans and design plans, the garden is now more than 30 years old, combining a dream and a look at the house.

Grant also taught landscape design and garden design. He said people often think about how they want their gardens, and some try to copy the best neighborhoods in the city. Grant does the opposite, he sees people who love plants and vegetables, but they don’t know exactly how to do it themselves.

“I’m learning that everyone’s garden is an empty gallery and you can draw any picture you want, and I’m just talking about my process of doing that. It may be completely different from you and everyone in the room. I would like to share mine. ” About everything.

“They think of butterflies and flowers and pick strawberries out of their backyards, and it’s like a reflection of nature. It’s half-life, half-dead, good, bad, ugly, it’s always improving, but this is the beauty of planning and looking back, thinking ahead.” They said.

The main purpose of the discussion with the participants on Monday was to make everyone realize that there is nothing wrong with being themselves.

My pet someone will tell you, this is not a suitable garden, this is a bad picture… It may not be right for your neighborhood, but art and gardening is half art, so if you are, your story, who am I? I judge on the spot, ”he said, gardening is about personal expression and being happy.

Smith County Secretary of Texas A&M Agrillif Extension, Allison Moroi, will return to Tyler next week, although the world-famous gardener is not available. She said Grant’s presentation was about different gardening styles and how people get into practice.

She says Agrillif hopes to achieve their goal of expanding knowledge and research-based education.

“We hope all of our programs are there to educate people and at least get to know people. There is a gardening community here where you can be friends or even learn, and Aglliff is always available as a resource,” he said.

She said she hopes such events will spark interest in gardening.

It is not difficult to get started on your own premises.

Rushing will be in Tyler on September 20 from 2:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Tyler Public Library Hall of Fame.

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