The 2021 NYS show is open. But these buildings and places are definitely closed

The massive youth building west of New York State Exhibition is completely empty. A black curtain blocks access to the entire corner of the orchard. The Key Lock State Farm Museum seals the front door.

These are among the closed buildings and spaces for the 2021 Government Exhibition, the first of which Covi 19 has canceled its entire 2020 event.

Of course, many buildings and parking lots have been built. And more vendors are coming this weekend, especially from the recently completed Eri County show near Buffalo.

But there are gaps. It is especially prominent at the West End, where the Youth Building, the former Empire Music Forum, and future American farmers and 4H spaces are all empty.

“He is alone here,” said the owner of Alvero’s food and drink at the far west end. No activity here.

Check out some of the most famous closed or partially closed buildings and places at this year’s fair.

The long-lived youth building at the New USS Festival West End is closed for 2021.Don Kazenter

Closed – Youth Building

It is a huge block at the west end of the compound. It typically handles children’s activities, 4-H displays, etc. Earlier this year, uncertainty over whether vacancies were open contributed to the cancellation of all activities.

Nearby outdoor tents and tents are usually occupied by 4-h and future US farmers are also empty.

Closed at the 2021 NYS Fair

The wool mall near the restaurant row is closed for the 2021 NYS Fair.Don Kazenter

Closed – Wool Center

This small building, located in the row of a restaurant near the sheep gate, is closed for 2021. It typically features spinning, weaving, and wool displays. A sign this year: “Sorry, we are not open this year. A.D. We will see EWE in 2022! ”

Closed at the 2021 NYS Fair

The Empire State-level music venue at the western end of the New York Festival is currently closed, but will host the exhibition Latino Village from September 3 to 6.Don Kazenter

Closed (for now) – Former Empire Music Forum

The concrete floor at the west end, which was used for small musical performances and entertainment, was empty. That is partly due to the expansion of Chevy Park west of Midway and the hosting of major concerts this year. However, the former Empire Forum venue will be used later in the festival to host the Latino village from September 3 to 6.

Closed at the 2021 NYS Fair

The Daniel Parish Witter Agricultural Museum near the restaurant row is closed for the 2021 NYS Fair.Don Kazenter

Closed – Agricultural Museum

The Daniel Parish White Agricultural Museum closes the green front door porch just next to the restaurant row. It has traditionally shown ancient agricultural implements, a chariot museum, and exhibitions on the agricultural industry in New York.

Closing rooms at the New York State Exhibition at the 2021 State Fair.

Closing rooms at the New York State Exhibition at the 2021 State Fair.Ben Axleson |

Closed – Wing of the Garden and Fruit Building

The orchard is open, but the first few days of viewing seem very empty. And the back wing is washed with a black curtain. That food is often found in carbs, dog fries, and oak dishes.

Closed at the 2021 NYS Fair

The Wegmans Display Kitchen at the NSS Fair Arts Center will be closed and will be used for VVV research at the 2021 Festival.Don Kazenter

Partially closed or reused – art and home center

Located in a row between the development center and the Empire Division, the building is partially open, but most serve a completely new purpose: the Martha Eddie room is traditionally used to display Kuwaiti and other handmade decorations, and is now a place for people to get Covi vaccines. The Wegman Demonstration Kitchen has been transformed into a Kovi checkpoint. The wardrobe room is also closed. There are no winners in the cooking competition. The rest of the cultural exhibition shows photography and fine art.

Colonel at the New USS Show

The New York State Wine Court, where wine factories once sold efficiently and above, is not in Colorado this year. Many have moved to Broadway near Midway.Don Kazenter

Not ‘closed’ … Colonnade and that corner of that Chevy court

These gaps have the same feeling of emptiness.

The colony has been the site of a wine court, with half a dozen stands pouring wine and more. He previously hosted one of two New York beer pubs. This year the space is empty and open for seating or relaxation. Wine factories are now located on Broadway Avenue, which leads to the west end, and this New York Silver PUb location has been relocated to Villa Pizza Frit.

The Chevy Court has hosted the largest dinosaur bar-b-kun for years. As he left this year’s exhibition, it was filled with picnic tables.

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