The 72-year-old Peninsula landowner uses his garden to develop a community close to Mississippi Joe

East Palo Alto, California (KJO) – Vegetable can provide food for the family. However, there is a special garden on the peninsula that feeds and nurtures neighbors for three generations and brings together the community.

Mississippi goes by the name of Joe. And this is what you get every day by taking care of the garden. Almost everyone in East Palo Alto knows it.

He said that giving is a special thing. “It makes you feel good when you can give something to someone else.”

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For 48 years, Pumpkins and Pumpkins, Corn, Onions and Tomatoes and other produce are being harvested, Mississippi Joe shares with his neighbors and friends. He grew up in the South.

“We always share the food because some of them sometimes don’t have food and then we share what we have,” he said.

Mississippi has a big fan club. A few of them gathered to share what he meant.

Neighbor Karl Arrington, who has lived in Mississippi for more than 40 years, says: “His sincerity, his love for society, we are all blessed.”

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Another neighbor, Jed Bloom, added, “Mississippi Joe’s hospitality is not limited to his produce. He brings it to Gumbo, he prepares all kinds of food.

It has affected the lives of three generations.

Tracy Ramirez: “I remember my children were small. “My mother used to bring fresh vegetables. And do you want to know where these came from? I also brought my children here. I was very happy.”

Mississippi even helps neighbors with their yard work. At 72 years old, he shows no signs of abating. But the garden takes work.

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“It’s getting a little harder to get out there and do that. Maybe two more years,” he said.

The family has grown up. He has a grandson, and he has a grandson along the way. This former school tutor is making sure that acts of kindness can bring the community together.

“I love East Palo Alton. The place is great,” he said.

True, some say, because of Mississippi Joe.

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