The Amazing Success of the War Annual Dogs Memorial Garden Event

Nearly 30 participants and spectators gathered at the Warren County (HSWC) Julia Wagner Animal Shelter at 1 p.m. A group 9 event at the new dog kennel in the shelter. If you’ve been to the Royal Gazebo-Village Commonwealth area or the Warren County Courthouse in the past few decades, you might be thinking, “This is not the first Memorial Day for dogs here.” – And you are right.

However, Sunday’s event marks the first time a traditional memorial service has been held in commemoration of the sacrifices made by American soldiers and the sacrifices made by those four-legged comrades on the battlefield. He described it in a recent preview of the event.

A statue of a German shepherd sits in the middle of a war dog garden. Below, HSWC Executive Director Meghan Bowers event’s Malcolm Bar Seir praised the work of creating a Battle Dog Gardens at Wagner Zoo. Photos of Royal Egerminer by Roger Bianchini – Video of Eugeneer by Mike McCool

And the decision to celebrate this two-way Memorial Day weekend was inspired by the former HWW Board President Bar Dog and law enforcement K-9 initiative to create Paradise at Wagner Campus. Meghan Bowers, the current director general of HSWC, noted the discovery of the new Garden of Remembrance at Wagner Campus during the year and helped start the celebration of the war and law enforcement partnership between man and his dog partners on Sunday. As Barr noted in the above story, during World War II, the first American dogs trained at war were trained at the Front Royal.

He was also a janitor from the Randloff-Macon Academy in a Jim Lundt bag, as was the case in the city courtyard on Monday afternoon. RMA Maker Jacob Collier, Leading Card, Rider Perkins, American Flag Carrier, Audrey Nelson, Virginia State Flag Carrier, Trever Walker, Defensive Card, Matt Kelly, Cadet Special Team Commander, all with RMA and Junior ROTC They are under the tutelage of Senior Master Sgt, US Air Force retired Chris Edington.

The RMA Color Keeper is packed with luggage to open the event, then leave the speaker’s venue to watch the rest of the event.

The K-9 team from the Royal Police Department represented Corporal Anthony Klingerman and Bosco on behalf of the Dog Partnership Festival.

The keynote speaker was Schief Rogers, director of the Chinese Hills and former Dog Supervisor, who gave an extensive and emotional presentation on the battle between man and dog. Michael Williams recalls his father working with military-trained dogs and made an emotional call. Humanitarian Director Bowers returned to the stage to place the wreath at the Memorial Paradise Center. As an event facilitator, Barr acknowledged Doug Medor’s help in setting up the event.

Watch the rest of the photos from the event and the Royal Ecumenical Publisher Mike McKull in the video, as well as watch below:

Listening to the Moderator Bar, Jump Rogers, a keynote speaker of the Patriotic Support Group, gives an encouraging look at the human-dog partnership in war. His account of Nemo, a dog that saved American Air Force bases during the Vietnam War, was particularly moving. Below, a view from the speaker’s area overlooking the Wagner Zoo.

Following in the footsteps of Rogers, Michael Williams became more and more emotional, remembering the connection between man and dog in war.

Meghan Bowers returns on Sunday to commemorate the wreath. Moderator Bar next to the centerpiece of the garden with a wreath.

FRPD CPL. During the ceremony, Klingerman and Bosco, a member of the K-9 team. Bosco may be thinking, ‘I wonder if the dog in the garden wants to play.’

Towards the end of the show, Malcolm Bar Seir with spectators Pablo Gutierrez, and from left to right, Chihuahua Rico and Leo. Leo seems to want to find that German Shepherd in the middle of things.

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