The American Plant Young Professionals Council is seeking input on professions in our industry – perishable news

Of American Flower Gift (AFE)it is Youth Professionals Council (YPC) He seeks professional opinion in the field of floriculture and horticulture. Feedback from experienced industry members is important for the AF Youth Council of Young Professionals and other new graduates as they navigate their careers and decide their future. This provides a survey Critical insights That will be AFE Compile, summarize, and present as a resource for young professionals interested in entering the industry. This survey is completely anonymous.

Share your experience, resources and advice with young professionals! Take the 5 minute survey below and Share it with your network.

Click here for an industry professional survey (Please be sure to clicknext to“On every page of the survey until they arrive”Done. ”)

in addition, YPC also needs input on academic professions. You can access both surveys over here, And feel free to share this link with your extended network. We ask that you answer only one of the two surveys as it concerns your current career path.

About YPC
The AFE Youth Professionals Council provides leadership and communication opportunities for young industry professionals as they engage in volunteer opportunities in the flower / vegetable and fruit industries. For more information and resources at the Gifted Young Professionals Council, please visit

About American Flower Gift (AFE)
The American Flower Gift is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the flower and horticulture industry through financial research, scholarships, and scholarships. Since 1961, more than $ 18 million has been provided in research and education projects, and more than $ 3 million has been provided through scholarships and exercises to attract and retain industry leaders. To learn more about supporting AFE or flower development programs, visit

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