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Montreal, May 31, 2022 (CNW Telbec) – Espace pour la vie announces the return of the show. Banned for two winters due to the epidemic, summer concerts are popular with the general public this year 2 p.m. B The next six Sundays June 26, July 3, August 7, August 14, August 21 And August 28Under the wise guidance Monique Giroux. The 2022 program offers a wide range Actors, most of them singers, perform beautifully in the courtyard of the Jardin Plant in the heart of nature. With a mix of music styles and sound effects, each artist brings his or her own inner and personal touch. This is a very missed Sunday event and many will be thrilled to be back in the magnificent Jardin Plant.

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Destroy nature before or after the event

People are invited to spend an hour or two watching the magnificent display of Jardin plants, peonies, irises, flowers, roses and sunflowers. Extend the mood or the joy and feeling of the event.



June 26

Pierre Flynn

Singer, keyboardist, and songwriter, the now-defunct October group, Pierre Flynn is back as a solo artist. Pierre Flynn is a music legend and remains very relevant today.

July 3

Kim Richardson

Kim Richardson is one of the most beautiful voices in Quebec and is known for her unparalleled talent in the music world. While performing blues, soul or rock classics, her voice and energy are sure to impress the audience.

August 7

Lu-Adrian Cassidy

As she draws the line between the singer-songwriter tradition and the modern alternative show, Lu-Adrian Cassidi stands out for her unique approach and strong stage presence. Her poetic ability and rich voice brought this young singer-songwriter into her own room.

August 14

Antoine Graton

Inspired by the intriguing curiosity, singer-songwriter Antoine Graton has the ability to turn every show into a unique musical experience. It does this by combining comic-group America with comic, beautiful, and sometimes humorous poems.

August 21

Bïa and Maracujá

The magician Bïa blends in with the Brazilian Marakuja with the singer’s emotions and fire and presents a masterpiece of Brazilian music.

After a three-year tour with Serke du Soleil, Marakuja Quartet set out to bring Brazilian music to life in Montreal.

August 28

Scott-Pian Picar

Scott-Pin Picar is an Innu singer-songwriter from the Ushat Mac Malliotenam community in North Shore. Inspired by the Maten and Cashtin bands, Inu, in his native language, writes poems and is actively involved in indigenous music performances throughout Quebec. On stage, he performs a spectacular folk show on the richness of the culture.


Performance is free by purchasing a ticket to the Jardin botanique. In particular, chairs are allowed on the spot. In extreme weather conditions, shows will be canceled.

Booking online is recommended *: * Espace pour la vie Passport holders are also required to book their free tickets.

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Espace pour la vie is made up of five major attractions: biodome, biosphere, encyclopedia, jardine plants, and planetary Rio Tinto alkan. These well-known municipal institutions will be established Canadian Large collection of natural science museum. Together, they are embarking on a bold, creative urban movement that encourages us to rethink the relationship between humanity and nature and develop a new way of life.

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