The Australian Government offers the promise of an agricultural visa

The Federal Liberal Government has issued an Australian agricultural visa to alleviate the shortage of manpower faced by Australian farmers and to support structural changes in the agricultural sector.

The Australian Fresh Produce Alliance (AFPA) has repeatedly called for an independent agricultural visa for overseas workers to travel to Australia to work in agriculture. The Australian Agricultural Visa meets existing initiatives to employ Australian and Pacific mobility programs.

“As some of the biggest employers in the horticulture sector, AFPA members have been developing a 10-year view of their labor standards. “We know that developing the labor force of producers and returnees is key for all horticulturalists and we know that the new visa announced today will provide another important way for farmers to return to the labor force,” he said.

Australian agricultural visas are available for all agricultural sectors, with a large number of short-term, current roles available for all agricultural sectors, including fresh fruits and vegetables.

“It is gratifying to see that the new Australian Agricultural Visa has a diverse workforce and is looking to address all of this. In horticulture, we have many short-term, very up-to-date roles that we see workers moving to work. This is different from other industries, such as meat processing, which can be done in a processing plant within a year, ”said Mr. de Piero.

The key component of Australia’s agricultural visa listed in today’s announcement is the need for strong employer standards to ensure the safety of future visa holders.

“Employers need to meet high standards to sponsor workers on this visa, and this is critical to the success of Australia’s agricultural visa. AFA has consistently endorsed that this visa should focus on compliance with employment requirements to ensure employee safety and will continue to support this as a key component of the visa design, ”said Mr. D. Piero.

Citrus Australia will receive a new visa
Citrus Australia CEO Nathan Hancock will receive a federal government announcement on September 30 this year.

“We recognize Minister Littleproud has taken advantage of this opportunity for industry and we appreciate the Federal Government’s support,” Minister Hancock told

Berry Australia content with new visa as well
Berries Australia also welcomes the announcement of an agricultural visa.

Peter Macperson, chairman of the Australian Barryus, said the announcement was positive news for the berry sector, which has been struggling to find harvest workers since the COVID-19 border was closed.

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