The best UK gardens to visit this summer

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Since most of us are exploring our fair island in the summer, those who want to explore the vast and varied landscapes of England should not ignore the landscaped landscapes up and down the country.

As the sun shines in the UK and the school holidays are in full swing, there are hundreds of public and private gardens for summer vacations, but, as summer draws to a close, which are the most valuable of our time?

Fortunately, a new study of flying flowers reveals some of the UK’s most popular gardens. Using search volumes to rank Britain’s best gardens, the British people figured out which flower buds are most needed. And entering number one? Q. Gardens.

Royal Heritage Parks is located in West London and attracts visitors nationally and internationally. More than 370,000 searches per month are UK garden searches.

Vegetable gardens are home to more than 50,000 living plants, from the famous arborretum to the alpine stone garden or the beautiful borders.

Best UK gardens

Q. Gardens

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Second is RHWSley, which attracts more than 80,000 searches per month. The park in Walking, Suri, has more than 240 acres[240 ha]of plants and flowers. Be strong favorites for the glass house, the rock garden, the Bow-Leon Rose garden, the mixed borders and the newly created special garden.

Whistler walks in rhs garden wisley with cosmos flowers in September

RHS Wisley

RHS / Joanna Cossack

And by the way, Rest Park is a British heritage site in Bidford. More than 34,000 searches per month included the third most popular garden. The park offers visitors 90 hectares of land and offers a wide range of landscaped gardens, including Italy and the Netherlands.

Best UK gardens

Wrest Park Gardens


Below is a full list of the 10 best UK gardens to visit this summer

1.Kew Gardens – 370,430 searches

      2.RHS Wisley – 80,630 searches

      3. Wrest Park – 34,480 searches

      4. Royal Plant Park Edinburgh – 21,080 searches

      5. Plant Gardens, Sheffield – 13,870 searches

      6. Heythrop Park – 12,390 searches

      7. Hidden gardens – 10,510 searches

      8. Sisking Hour Palace – 8,960 searches

      9. Levens Hall – 8,360 searches

      10. Bus Park – 7,690 searches

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