The bones in Grager’s were identified as missing women.

The Yakima County coroner identified the body of Jennifer Carridad, a 24-year-old resident of Grager, as found in Grager last week. The body was found on Tuesday, May 24. Kroner Jim Curtis described her death as a murder. She says she has been missing since August last year. Carridad was a girlfriend of Aurelio Iscobar, who was shot and killed in Oregon, Lake Bergland, last year.

Police found evidence of the attack on the suspects’ car, but no body was found.

Police say they found an Iscobars car parked near Lake Berglund last year after a man shot and stole the man’s car.
In the back seat of the vehicle, police found a large amount of blood, clothes, and shoes of Escobar’s lover, who had disappeared from her family’s Censorship area. At the time, she believed police might have killed her on the lake and her body was thrown into the water. But the search for the lake found nothing. Her body has now been found in Grager and identified.

Eventually, the suspect was shot in Oregon.

Police say he stole the vehicle from Yakima and eventually drove to Portland, Oregon, robbing other people in a car and speeding up in a stolen I-5 in Portland. Escobar was arrested and taken to Oregon Hospital, where he was shot several times. He is currently on trial in both states and may be charged with murder in Yakima County in the future.

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