The botanical community hosts biodiversity education

Horticulture Instructor and Ohio State University Department of Intology and Extension Expert Joe Bogs on Wednesday, September 15, at 7:00 p.m. SAPS).

Joe Bogs, professor of horticulture and Ohio State University entomologist and extension specialist

Prevention of plant pollen is usually considered a matter of pest control. However, the number of flowering plants has decreased. How do you translate the number of plant pests? How does pollen itself play an important role in reducing the need for pesticides? This presentation shows the overlapping connections between pollen and nectar and unusual insect heroes.

To subscribe to the talk, visit the SAPS page onlline at Registration deadline is Wednesday, September 15 at noon.

Bogs has more than 29 years of experience in tree and shrub research and pest management and has served as a state-wide specialist.

He conducts more than 100 lectures each year, including a recent presentation to the recent Plant Association, and has published articles in numerous commercial journals, including Landsculptor (Michigan Green Industry Association), Bukki Arborist (Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association) and Canadians. Land guard.

He is a co-director of the Beckeye Environmental Garden Group (BEHT) of Ohio State University and a frequent contributor to the Buckeye Yard and Garden Line (BYGL) blog.

His weekly radio program, The Buggy Joe Boggs Report, airs from April to October on Saturday mornings, “In the Garden with Ron Wilson” (iHeartRadio: WKRC, Cincinnati; News Radio 610 WTVN, Columbus). The Cincinnati show has been aired for 34 radio stations in 12 states.

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