The Carly Brush Glory Memorial Garden has been redefined after the most important repairs

After volunteers set out to make some needed repairs, a memorial garden in which Carly Brushia was abducted was reopened. Over the years, the memorial service has been in ruins, but after many months of work, it is back to normal.

Carly’s father, Joe Brushia, said: “She lit a room. She was a bully. It was just a beautiful smile.”

Carly Brushia, 11, was abducted 18 years ago. A.D. In 2004, her abduction was shown in a video, and it reached parents across the country, including Rob Wolff, a father of four.

“You know that your child could be a neighbor’s child or something.

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In December, Wolf – who teaches plumbing and welding at Suncoast Technical College – was called in to fix a butterfly in the Carly Memorial Garden at McIntosh Elementary School in 2005. He realized that it was not the only thing that needed repair.

“Seventeen years have passed, and time has passed, so after a few days we went out and tried to repair the water lines, we tried to repair the irrigation valves, and we tried to get water on the remaining plants,” Wolf said. “Then we realized this was not going to happen and we decided to take it as a community service project and fix this.”

Since December, Wolf and his students have been working to rehabilitate the irrigation system, planting flowers, spreading compost and doing whatever it takes to repair. On Monday, Carly’s father gathered with former teachers and the community for a special rehabilitation ceremony for Carlin and the newly built Memorial Garden.

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“She was a very nice girl.” “How are you?” Mrs. Larkin: “She was very, very sweet with her peers.”

Going forward, Wolf said he and the community will make sure Carly Butterfly Garden is not in trouble again.

Carly’s father said, “It means a lot, because I think she’ll see it, and it will make her proud in the same way.”

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