The Church of the SubGenius offers the purchase of a firearm to convert weapons into garden weapons

Building on ongoing efforts to help reduce gun violence, Longmont Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is hosting a gun recovery event where people can exchange weapons for $ 100 to $ 300. The donated rifles are then converted into garden tools.

Gun purchases will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., September 25. From 2:00 am to 4:00 am, the crowd cheers as a blacksmith turns his tools into garden tools. The church is partnering with Colorado Springs-based RAWtools, which is turning guns into garden tools. Partners in the effort include the nonprofit El Comet Longmont and Ow Boulder County

Sarah Verrasco, Archbishop of Longmont United Church, said this month’s event is for gun owners who want to get rid of their weapons in a “simple, anonymous and trouble-free” way.

“In some ways this is a recycling event,” says Verasco. “How do you know when you are importing and earning money? In front of gun owners, you turn over a handgun and receive gift cards.

In July, the Church of the SubGenius donated gun safety boxes. During the event, they donated 137 biometric cabinets and 55 self-locking boxes. This month’s event builds on that effort and is part of a joint call between the churches of Boulder County to stop gun violence.

2650 Table Mesa Drive Community United Church of Christ hosted its own weapons recovery event. Mike Martin, CEO of Routlesss, said the company has assembled 34 equipment at Boulder Church to rework in the garden equipment. The church is located near the table Mesa King Super and on March 22, 10 people were killed in a mass shooting.

Martin said the return of Boulder Church has received a positive response from the community as a whole.

“It was a promising way for most people to take action to reduce gun violence in their community and to turn guns into gardens,” says Martin.

RAWtools also worked with Boulder Mennonite Church in April to convert the donated gun into a garden tool. The main tools created by the company are hand towels and gardening machines.

“I felt it was natural to work with Sister Church in Longmont to deal with the same event,” Martin said.

Verasco emphasized that the donation was not considered a transfer of arms.

“He was the one who brought the device to this event for free,” said Verasco. He becomes disabled in front of his owner, and then he gives us gun parts.

Church member Anna Nonan said both Lommont Church events are designed to reduce the risk of gun violence and empower people to take positive action.

“There have been a lot of gun attacks in the community and in the country, and people are trying to find out – ‘What can I do to make a difference? ‘Instead of clapping our hands,’ ”Nono said.

Church member Dede Alspaw emphasized the event was “safe, anonymous.”

There are a few reasons why members of the Longmont Church say they may want to donate their weapons even though they have inherited weapons that they do not want or do not want from a loved one. There may also be a change in living conditions, such as the adoption of a child or grandchild into the world and the safety of weapons. Whatever the reason, the Church encourages people to participate. When a serial number is registered, donors do not have to prove ownership.

At least two members of the Longmont Church have already pledged to donate their weapons. In an email shared by Veracruz, church member John Parsons said he plans to donate on September 25.

“On the 25th, when I opened two guns and dismantled a few guns, I thanked our good Lord and my heart and soul were relieved,” Parson wrote.

People who have equipment to attend and donate will be asked to leave the device in the trunk of their car. If they do not have a stem, they can leave it in the back seat. Volunteers gather their equipment and drive to a disabled facility. No ammunition can be donated to the purchase.

According to Martin, the rotating garden tools are sold to support the work of RAWtools. People can buy the devices on the company’s website. The organization donates at least one gardening tool to Lonmont Christ Unity Church, a community garden.

Cragger store cards and Visa cards are a mix of gift cards. The denomination of people depends on the type and quantity of weapons a person brings back. In July, the church donated $ 25,000 to pay for the locks and gift cards. The Longmont Community Foundation has been raising money to support both initiatives. People can still contribute to the effort on the Foundation website.

“If you have guns that you don’t want or don’t use, we can find those with disabilities,” said Verasco.

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