The city garden in Rio feeds hundreds of families in the former ‘Krakland’

Rio de Janeiro, December 5, 2010 (FBC) The Manguinhos neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, a smoker’s neighborhood and a garbage dump, has been converted into a community garden by feeding over 800 families at high prices.

According to the coordinators of the Rio de Janeiro “Hortas Cariocaas” program, the city’s garden covers four football fields, the largest in Latin America.

“This particular area served as ‘Kracolandia’,” said Julius Cesar Barros, a city-based agricultural expert. “If you get here by 10am on Wednesday, you will find two or three thousand people smoking in this area.”

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Baros said he created the Hortas Cariocaas project in 2006 by helping to grow vegetables and provide organic products to low-income residents in various parts of the city. Urban gardens, he said, have helped prevent flooding and landslides.

“While I was planting [seeds] “I think I’m going to eat this crop at home a few days later,” said Diane Silva, a city farm worker. Working in the garden is a job we enjoy, and I love it.

According to Baros, the project has now grown to 49 gardens in Rio.

Ezekiel Diaz, a resident of Manguinhos, who helped coordinate the project, changed the community.

“It has changed the face of Manguinhous ቻችን Our communities want this: Peace, happiness and a better life.”

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Written by Anna Mano by Sebastian Rokandaio Report; Edited by Diane Craft

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