The Clark Foundation has announced the 2021 Beauty Awards

Ion Patio was the winner of Category 1.

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Collaborator – Jane Forbes Clark, president of the Clark Foundation, announced on Tuesday, August 25, the winner of the 2021 Clark Foundation Cooperstown Beautification Competition. The village’s residential and commercial properties, which have been held annually since 1954, are judged on their gardening efforts.

“Sixty years ago, my grandmother Susan Vanderpol Paul Clark set up a beauty pageant to identify the great time and effort it takes for many of our residents to be happy and beautiful,” Clark told the media. She will be happy that this wonderful tradition continues to make our village even more special.

Judge Anthony Nederhan of 2021 was from Whitesboro. Born in the Netherlands, he graduated from the Royal Horticultural University and began growing roses in the United Kingdom and Canada. He eventually became a partner and company officer at Baker Green House, Inc. in Utica. His lifelong experience in the field of fruits and vegetables has continued as an employee of the Express Seed Company for the past 16 years.

Richard and Katherine Busse won the Pioneer Patio at 46 ion St.

“Beautiful Calvary baskets and luxurious floral and horizontal window boxes often take you to a forgotten back street,” says Nerderland. The amazing commitment and determination to protect plant material is obvious.

Hard Ball Café came in second and third place on the main street and pieces of Scope Ice Cream.

Pete and Judy Henry have won the Category II award for their home run.

As you can see from the road, Peter and Judith Henry have won 92 1/2.

“This well-designed front yard combines annual flowers with existing annual beds,” says Neddernd. Incorporating tropical plants on the balcony will draw your attention to the house and add more interest and detail to the floral display.

Shane and Dana Sanders and James and Eileen Ananias finished second and third respectively.

At 94 Fair St.

Good use of perennial plants and well-maintained, colorful window frames to the sky – the perfect complement to the house and a beautiful view of the street. ”

Robert Birch came in second, followed by Anthony and Teresa Cassale.

Winner wins first place $ 1,000; Second place $ 750, third place $ 500.00 for third place; And $ 400 for honors in each category.

Richard and Barbara Havlick won the Category 3 award for their home on Fair Street.

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