The coast of New Jersey has been named America’s Best has named Denville, New Jersey the best family-friendly suburb in the country.

To compile the rankings, looked at at least eleven major cities and at least 10,000 suburbs in the country. It takes into account the percentage of children in each city, school standards, and family-friendly businesses (including day care centers). To make sure these parents are where they want to live, they have to go to many restaurants, bars and activities as well as reasonable transportation (most are less than 40 minutes) when the office.

The city of Morris County is grateful for its “beautiful downtown.” “Downtown is not just about restaurants with different businesses. There are a number of marketing opportunities, ”said Realton executive agent Platinum Tony Cowman.

“Within that quarter of a mile, we have a large recreation area with new playgrounds, tennis courts, and basketball courts. You can pick up a game at any time, ”said Kawman, who grew up in Denville.

The presence of 11 bodies of water in the city was assessed by Denville’s favor, as well as the quality of their schools. A short train ride to Manhattan was further.

According to, the average home price in Denville in July was $ 549,050. Many of the town’s houses were on vacation or high-rise, so they tend to run on the small side, especially on the shores of the lake. A small wooden hut hidden on Lake Cedar is now worth $ 429,000. For those looking for more space, a four-bedroom pool on 1.25 acres is listed for $ 899,900.

The post above reflects the ideas and perspectives of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Doyle. Any comments made by Bill Doyle are his own.

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