The community mourns the loss of vegetable fresh cabbage Jack Aronson

Jack Aronson, a big-hearted and business-minded man, died Tuesday at the age of 68.

Aronson and his wife, Annette Aronson, grow fresh cabbage. In the 1990s, after Ferdell’s work, Jack and Annette Aronson started the company at Woodward, about eight miles from Bar-Beck Club. A.D. In 2015, they sold the salad, hummus and tortilla chip business to Campbell Soap Company for $ 231 million.

Aronson, a native of Detroit, was known for his generosity and friendship, he said.

“If his heart began with the restaurant at Woodward, he would continue to work in Ferndale as he grew vegetables to national production, to the national chain. Another healthy food business began in 2019. Fairdale Mayor Melanie Pianna said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

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