The community was delighted with the controversial Victoria Mining Plan

The controversial mining project for East Victoria has been rejected by the state planning minister as it poses a threat to agriculture in and around the area.

The 16.75-square-mile[4 km]mine is planned to be located next to the richest plateau in Victoria, 275 km (275 km) from Melbourne.

“It poses a serious threat to the environment and the horticulture industry,” said Planning Minister Richard Wine.

“We owe it to the community and the environment to enjoy this privilege and to continue with only projects that adequately protect our environment,” he said.

Fingerprint Project Environment Impact Statement over 10,000 pages long.(ABC Gippsland: Rio Davis)

The decision can be appealed.

Calbar Operations, a supporter of the mine, did not object to the decision.

Chief Executive Officer Joseph Patarika said he did not agree with the findings of the Independent Advisory Committee.

“[The project] It works in tandem with the local people, the environment, agriculture, water resources and other industries, ”he said.

“Calbar is committed to developing the project in a way that protects the public interest and will carefully examine the commitment before embarking on the next steps of this project,” he said.

Behind the trees in a paddock
Deby Carruzer says there are many hugs around the community.(ABC Gippsland: Rio Davis)

The community is happy.

For more than seven years, the community group My Free Glendaledale has been organizing protests, analyzing the environmental impact of the project and governments opposing the project.

Their spokesman, Debbie Carruts, said the community was “very happy”.

“I’m sure we will hug and hug and cry,” she said.

“We felt it was all a battle between David and Goliath, but our debate on environmental issues was so strong that it had to be stopped,” she said.

A man wearing a hat on the field of celery is holding a celery
Bush Organics Director Ken Bush said he was “delighted” that the mine had been rejected. (ABC Gippsland: Peter Somerville)

Businesses are saved

Gardener Ken Bush praised the decision to reject the mine, which was two miles[2 km]away.

“People in this area have been running businesses and livelihoods for many years in a clean environment,” Mr Bush said.

“We all have a big role to play in it, no matter how influential people are, everyone contributes to this great achievement today,” he said.


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