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The corner of the manager is Chris Dble

I was amazed at the resilience and resilience of our students, families, staff, and community when we again faced unusual circumstances in school as a result of a series of epidemics. I would like to thank all stakeholders for further communication as we re-evaluate what the school looks like and make daily decisions regarding the needs of our students.

Chris Double

Returning to Physical Education One of the highlights is the variety of programs available at Albert Lee High School. Students will be offered a variety of major classes to choose from, including advanced study courses, college credit colleges in the classroom, and advanced academic proficiency (AP) classes. Based on national accreditation tests.

In addition to the many ways available to meet core class requirements, students are also offered a wide range of options for participation. Albert Lee High School offers musical opportunities with bands, singers and orchestras along with many Spanish and French years. Covers visual arts, painting, ceramics and photography. The Department of Industrial Technology offers skills training in woodworking, welding, automotive and small motors, small animal care, horticulture, and PLTW. As a problem solver, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication. Choices exist in humanity and fitness.

All of these opportunities are offered to Albert High School students with the support of our community’s tax dollars. Albert Lee’s community is voting again to continue the referendum, which will help support Albert Lee High School’s opportunities for a more inclusive learning environment for students. Missing ballot papers will be available beginning September 17, and this year’s in-person voting will take place on Tuesday, November 2. Thank you for our continued support of our students and community.

Chris Dibble is the principal of Albert Lee High School.

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