The council recommends that New Zealand reopen the border by early 2022

Wellington, August 11 (Reuters) – New Zealand’s border has been closed until early 2022 and a government-appointed group said on Wednesday that it should reopen only after many adults have been vaccinated against cholera.

The country, which reported on the spread of COVID-19 last February, said the country should follow a strategy to eradicate the virus so that it does not spread to other parts of the world.

“Not only is the advisory team’s elimination strategy in place, but it is the best option at this pandemic,” the panel said in a statement.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jassinda Arder won international victories in March 2020 by capturing local distribution with heavy locks (CV-19) and closing the border. The country reported only 2,500 cases and 26 cases.

According to experts, the government plans to reopen this week.

The challenge of dealing with imported products through our viruses should not be underestimated, ”the panel said in a statement.

Therefore, we support the idea that the reopening of borders in 2022 should begin with a carefully planned step by step.

The panel recommended that the New Zealand immunization program be completed before reopening. So far, only 21% of the country has been vaccinated.

“Before we can safely open the border, we need to work harder to strengthen our borders and strengthen our security, including the release of vaccines, and it will take a little longer to prepare properly,” said Health Minister Aisha. In a statement by Verrall.

She said the panel’s advice has been improved due to the availability of a highly contagious Delta variant.

He called for the immediate reopening of businesses and government sectors with a shortage of workers, but said that this would make the country more vulnerable to disease.

Last week, Arder opened a one-way quarantine free trip to Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu for seasonal workers to alleviate unemployment in the fruit and vegetable industry.

Following the delta outbreak, New Zealand was suspended from a “free” trip to Australia. (Reported by Proven ሜal Menon; Writing in Sonali Paul;

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