The county show has a lot of fun in the collection

After last year’s epidemic Sunday, the annual county exhibition will return next weekend at the Queens County Agricultural Museum.

And to celebrate his return, Queens Farm will add an extra day to the festival. After the 19th-century agricultural exhibitions, the exhibition runs from September 10 to 12, and each day is different.

“One of the most exciting things is adding Friday. This is the 38th year that we have a special program on Friday, ”said Jennifer Walden Weprin, executive director of agriculture.

Friday’s show features performances by Jesse Davis, DJ Nebraska + Malik, and many more.

Live music will continue over the weekend, at the 2021 Newport Jazz Festival and Battalion NCC, All Women Afro-Brazilian Samba Reggae Percent Band, but other live performances by David Ostwald’s Louis Armstrong Eternal Band. Shows will also be on display – Lee Lee Acrobat + Perfect Catch Jagling Duo will perform at the Family Recreation Tent, and Shinbone Ali Steel Band and Harold Bike Chloe are scheduled to perform.

On Saturday, the farm will celebrate the 9th anniversary of 9/11 by providing free daffodil bulbs. The Memorial is in partnership with New York residents for the Parks Daphodil Project, which was established in 2001 as a living memorial for the victims.

The opening of the famous Cornflower Festival will also be celebrated on the weekends. This year’s three-hectare laboratory was designed by Andy Warhol’s cow.

What better place for a cow than a museum? Walden Weprin.

Gob itors must find a way out of the corn by collecting and solving clues posted throughout the boxes, and when they are all combined, they create a map of the way to freedom. Solving the clues and completing the map does not have to escape the packaging, although doing so can be very helpful to the audience.

Other county shows include the New York State Maple Syrup Exhibition, Carnival Trips, Midway Games, Corn Basket and Pie-Eating Contests, Farm Scam Fraud Hunting, and the Con Edison Ecology Booth on the Adop-a-Worm Composting Program. , The emergence of an all-new flower escape and, of course, straw rides.

One competition, the annual Blue Ribbon Contest, gives guests the opportunity to compete with each other for the popular and traditional best under the title of “Scene”. Entries are divided into six categories: Vegetables, Flowering, Gardening, Arts and Crafts, Cooking Arts and Beekeeping and Competitors will compete in the first, second and third places in each category. A junior class shows two categories: cooking arts and crafts and crafts.

All entries will be displayed for the entire weekend.

To apply for the Blue Ribbon Contest, visit

In addition to entertainment and games, the county show features small businesses and local vendors, many of whom compete in the Queens Night Market, said Walden Weprin.

“We will have a lot of food trucks for the first time on VV,” said the executive.

Vendors vary on the truck truck route, and the Rockway Brewery Company sponsors a beer garden for the county show.

During a very busy weekend, Walden Weprin said, especially after the outbreak forced Queens Farm to prepare last year.

“We are outdoors and we have a lot of space. We are fortunate to be able to serve the public, ”said Walden Weprin. We are proud of this program, we have worked hard on it.

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