The day after the skull injury, cleaning continued in the Lutheran zone.

NEW DELI CLEAR: A day after more than a hundred trees fell, work began to clear roads in New Delhi Municipality (NDMC) New Delhi Municipality (NDMC) on Tuesday, with winds of up to 100 km / h. Central Delhi.

NDMC officials said Tuesday that more than 102 trees had been uprooted and 1,058 damaged branches had been cleared. 155 Complaints by the Deli Municipal Corporation (MCD) while the fallen trees are flowing from other parts of the city.

An MCD truck and manpower arrived in the Lutheran zone to clear the arteries, and work continued until Tuesday night. Traffic was closed on all roads in the zone, trapped by fallen trees.

ANDM officials said they plan to study the root causes of the deforestation and take steps to compensate for the damage caused by greenery in the area. Councilors have called for a coordinated response to such disasters in the future.

Satish Upadhai, NDMC vice-president, said the workers were on the scene clearing trees and branches off the road. “More than a thousand staff members from the NDMC Veterinary, Health and Civil Engineering Unit have been deployed for the clean-up operation. In addition to NDMC, other agencies such as NDRF, MCD, NBCC, NHAI and the Department of Disaster Management are assisting in clearing the area, ”he added.

An NDMC official said on Monday that about 800 field workers from the NDMC were loaded and 500 were working night shifts.

Upadhai said clearing the streets and preventing traffic jams is a priority for the municipality. “Nearly 100 trees have fallen and 1,058 fallen branches have been removed by the NDMC. The main areas where trees were broken and traffic jams include Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place, Barakhamba Road, Lodhi Colony, Tolstoy Marg, Mandir Marg and Talkatora Stadium and others.”

Nem, Imli, Arjun, Kusum, Samal, Pipal, Kekar, Jamun, Kekar, Pilkan, Bargad, and eucalyptus were among the species affected by Monday’s blast, according to a preliminary report by the NDMC Fruit and Wing.

Councilor Coljet Singh Chahal said 10 trees would be planted to make up for each fallen tree. “We also recommend the establishment of an ’emergency response team’ and a committee to study the deforestation or damage to green plants. A coordination team will be set up in the coming winter to deal with such disasters,” he added.

Speaking about tree damage in other areas, the MCD official said: Areas where these complaints have been filed include Defense Colonial, Ajmeri Ber, Daria Gang, Naraina, Jamia Nagar, Okla, New Friends Colonial, Jangupura, Azadpur, Civil Line, Jama Masjid, Vikasuri, Saket, Sundar Nagri, Andar Vihar, Maur Vihar. And others, ”the official said.

The wood from the fallen trees and branches may fall into the city corpses or at a public auction. According to a senior MCD Horticulture department official, the standard procedure is to send the branches to the morgue and large lumber will be sold in MCD stores.

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