The Department of Horticulture and the District Administration organized the first Guwava Festival in Patiya

PATIALA – In Patiya Woreda, the Department of Horticulture, in collaboration with the District Administration, today organized the first Guwava Festival in Bandarari Bag in Pattalala to promote Guwava Fruit and Proposals on “One District One Product”. During the festival, progressive farmers sowing guava seeds showcased their TG products, which attracted many people.
Visiting the Guava Festival, Deputy Commissioner Patyala Mr. Kumar Amit, in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Small Food Processing Unit, selected the Puaya district for Guava fruit products. Showcased products that promote industry.
He said the main purpose of the festival is to create coordination between departments, farmers and industries for the success of the ODEPA (One Woreda One Product) program in the woreda. Contact Manufacturing Companies to promote Guava products at a high level.
During the seminar, the director of horticulture, Dr. Gulab Singh Gill, said that up to 35 percent subsidy has been given to entrepreneurs in Patia Woreda.
Speaking to the farmers during the event, Dr. Prety Yadav, Deputy Commissioner for Development, said such exhibitions will not only create new avenues for progressive farmers but also encourage farmers who grow traditional crops to start other careers. He said the farmers were getting information about the facilities provided by various departments in such areas and at the same time, the experts’ speeches were answering their questions. During the event, a seminar on Gua Development, Marketing and Processing was held and the experts gave detailed information to farmers and farmers who have not yet started working.
Students from the Food and Agriculture Department of various colleges and universities participated in the Guwava Festival and received information from experts. In addition to guava products, rice, strawberry, honey, RSETI handicrafts, organic products, gluten-free products, fruit products, creative food processing machines attract farmers and youth. Participants also noted plans to work in Gujita State, including the Fisheries Department, NABARD, SBI, the Department of Industry, and Gujiva State. Types of guava are also seen. During the event, the ‘Guwava Fun Zone and Self Photo’, which was established by the Pun Najab Skill Development Mission, attracted the attention of the public.
Students from various colleges and universities participating in the event were briefed on the job opportunities and skills development courses organized by the District Employment Bureau in September.
SDM Patran, Dr. Ankurgit Singh (extra charge Dudansad), Dr. Nirwan Singh, Director of Fruit and Vegetable Development, and Cultander Sin, General Manager of Fruit and Vegetation, were present.

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